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Providing new equipment and teaching new technologies

With every community development project, OOI empowers economic growth by providing new equipment and training in new technologies to create jobs. At Tiburon, we have introduced 3 new pieces of equipment to improve the efficiency and quality of the construction.

Block maker... Allows us to fabricate our own block to our desired size and quality. It allows us to have blocks available when we need them and not rely on others schedules that can delay projects. We have several forms for specific block sizes and shapes for our domes. We employ several people to make the block, plus we purchase local sand, and purchase cement from our wholesalers, transportation of all materials.

Cement mixer... This allows us to improve the quality of our concrete, through improving consistency, and increases the speed in which we make concrete.

Cement sprayer... Introducing this technology in the area and specifically for the domes allows to to pour a more consistent layer of concrete for our roofs. This makes them stronger and easier to apply the two cream coats after. It also will help cream coat consistencies.

Thank you to Domes for the World for helping us provide opportunities with these pieces of equipment!

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