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When it comes to caring for vulnerable children, many organizations and those who support them believe that orphanages are the best solution. While there may be orphanages managed by well-meaning people, evidence shows that these institutions ultimately harm children, reducing their opportunity for long-term success. The harms perpetuated on children raised in orphanages include: 

  • being deprived of the family environment that is crucial for healthy physical, emotional, social and spiritual development 

  • being stripped of the opportunity to form healthy relationships due to the high turnover of volunteers and staff in orphanages 

  • exposing vulnerable children to physical and sexual abuse due to neglect and poor safeguarding practices

  • creating extreme dependency and inability to integrate into Haitian society


While Haitian children face challenges even when living with their families, their risk of being harmed is increased exponentially when they are turned over to an orphanage. That’s why orphanages are NOT the answer!

Through our work with Haitians, we’re seeing incredible transformations take place in one of the most challenging regions in the world. This transformation includes moving hundreds of children out of dangerous orphanages over the last few years, reuniting them with their families and providing the information, tools and training they need to create safe, nurturing homes and communities.


​We invite you to read online or download the booklet by clicking on the images below in English or in French and learn more about orphanages and our approach to strengthening families:

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In English

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In French

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While the insights in our booklet "Orphanages are NOT the answer!" are based on Overture International’s deep experience with issues related to orphanages and reunification, there are many other respected voices speaking into this conversation.


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*Translated from French with DeepL Translator

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