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Expand Your Knowledge

Inspired by our commitment to engage with our donors and bring our mission-in-action to your doorstep, our virtual information sessions are designed to offer convenient and interactive learning outlets for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge about:

  1. Overture’s programs, initiatives and impact

  2. current events surrounding Haiti and

  3. potential investment opportunities to help build Haiti stronger

Sessions are available by request only and are facilitated by Executive Director, Lisa Hyatt, and at least one member from our Haitian leadership team. To request your session or to learn more about whether or not one of these sessions is for you, please complete the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to engaging with you this year!


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Explore Previous Sessions

From discussions around the importance of human development and social support to why orphanages are never the answer, take a deep dive into our past topics of discussion and enjoy!

2022 Stronger Series, Session 4

Overture's Proven Social Support Model

2022 Stronger Series Session 3

The Importance of Human Development

2022 Stronger Series Session 2

Perpetuating Generational Poverty and Dependence

2022 Stronger Series Session 1

Ineffective Foreign Interventions

November 2021

Building Haiti Stronger

January 2021

Strong Families... Strong Haiti

October 2020

Why ESPWA Is No Longer an Orphanage

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