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The Stronger Series

Watch our video and read more about our story here.

This year’s sessions consisted of a four-part educational series focused on the importance of human development and social support in Haiti.

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At Overture, we’re committed to providing more than just aid to our friends in southern Haiti. We’re committed to providing opportunity! Our approach is built on the belief that Haitians will thrive only when they are living independent, self-sufficient and autonomous lives. Lisa Hyatt, Overture's executive director, recently wrote an opinion piece for Philanthropy Journal encouraging all of our colleagues in the NGO world to be “part of the solution that equips and empowers Haitians for independence, autonomy and self-sufficiency” or "Stay Out of Haiti!" We are grateful for the incredible responses we have already received.

“Approaches to alleviate poverty are often created with American/Western mindsets, resulting in temporary, unsustainable quick “fixes” to major, systemic problems. If we truly envision a stronger Haiti where individuals, families and communities are able to experience independence and self-sufficiency, then the ultimate long-term picture does not include foreign NGOs.”


We invite you to read the full article here and then join us over the next eight months to unpack the article and discuss how Overture's Social Support Model is designed to equip and empower Haitians to end generational dependence, strengthen their families and communities, and ultimately experience independence. 


Inspired by our commitment to engage with our donors and bring our mission in action to your doorstep, our virtual information sessions are designed to be interactive and are open to anyone seeking to learn more about

  1. Overture’s programs, initiatives and impact,

  2. current events surrounding Haiti and

  3. potential investment opportunities to help build a stronger Haiti.

The sessions are facilitated by Executive Director, Lisa Hyatt, and includes one or more members of Overture’s Haitian leadership team. 


We look forward to engaging with you this year!

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