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Overture International is proud to partner with our friends in Wisconsin who are among some of our longest-standing ambassadors and have orchestrated nearly twenty fundraising initiatives since our inception. Their ongoing support has driven the development of children and families for years, and they are eager to continue with these efforts.

This Lenten season, our friends at Shepherd of the Hills (SOTH) are setting out to raise $20,000 to support Overture's vision of reducing, and potentially ending food insecurity in the southern region of Haiti with a food packaging program (Diri Lavi!) that will use locally sourced products and create jobs for local community members. 

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In 2022, the Overture team successfully completed the pilot phase of this project resulting in 100,000 meals to feed 990 students in 5 school!  The program also created 10 jobs which were all filled by graduates from our Young Adult Empowerment program and supplies were purchased from 48 rice and bean farmers in the communities surrounding ESPWA. 

Our goal for 2023 is to package 400,000 meals to provide school lunch programs in 12 schools, including the students at the ESPWA campus.

Join Shepherd of the Hills this Lenten season to equip Haitians to overcome generational poverty and dependence.

Lent 2021

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Supporting Haiti Since 2004!

Past fundraisers by SOTH have supported a variety projects at ESPWA:

2022:  Education & Medical Mobile Clinic

2021:  Earthquake Disaster Relief

2021:  Family Empowerment

2020:  Nutrition Programs for children

2019:  Solar Project

2018:  Secondary School Building

2017:  Disaster-Proof Dome Structures 

2016:  Medical and Pastoral Program 

2015:  Dental and Health Care

2014:  Nutrition and Child Development

2013:  Nutrition and Childcare

2012:  Nutrition Programs for children

2011:  Kitchen Equipment & Clothing

2010:  Earthquake Relief

2009:  Kindergarten Building 

2008:  Irrigation for Seedlings 

2007:  Electrical Project 

2006:  Laptops for Computer Lab

2005:  Water Purification & Church Pews

2004:  Animal Husbandry - chickens

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