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The Heart of Self-Sufficiency

In most of the rural communities we serve, families are unable to access even the most basic healthcare due to lack of finances, transportation or access to services. Through both our mobile clinics and our clinic at ESPWA, we are able to provide access to quality medical care, public health education and mental health counseling.  Haitian life expectancy is one of the lowest in the world at around 64 years (neighboring Dominican Republic is 74 years and in the U.S it is 78.5 years). We can make a huge difference in the lives of and futures of Haitians by just providing access to basic healthcare services in southern Haiti.


individuals received medical care by OOI's medical team


individuals received crisis medical care


students and workers received first aid training

Stats from 2023 Annual Report


Our Focus Areas



Public education is a critical component of fostering a healthier Haiti. Prevention is focused on a holistic view of health in that we train leaders and local authorities while facilitating resources that empower communities to live healthier, safer lives. Overture invests in building awareness, educating and training for community members, leaders and families to help individuals identify when they or their family members have health problems and need to seek medical care.



Mental health and wellness are often ignored when it comes to promoting health in developing countries like Haiti. The reality is that children and adults in Haiti are often exposed to crises (political unrest, violence, generational poverty, natural disasters) that can easily result in depression, anxiety and  post-traumatic stress disorder. Overture invests in promoting healthy mental wellbeing, empowering individuals to take responsibility and control over their own health and lives. Mental health counseling helps individuals and families manage stress through education and the development of personal skills to build stronger and healthier families.



Access to healthcare can be lifesaving and life-changing for anyone, but especially in a developing country like Haiti. In order to open doors to medical care, Overture partners with local providers and organizations to facilitate mobile medical clinics that provide short and long-term medical care. Our goal is to strengthen the Haitian healthcare system by empowering and leveraging Haitian resources. Our clinic at ESPWA is a center for many of our healthcare initiatives. Our partnerships with local healthcare providers keep our clinic at ESPWA operational for community members and critical cases identified during our mobile clinics.

Lives Transformed by Healthcare

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