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Equipping Haitians
for Self-Sufficiency

Social empowerment provides hope and a vision for the future, empowering individuals to be effective role models and community members contributing to building Haiti Stronger. Our work includes providing social support by licensed Haitian social workers to improve the wellbeing of families through assessments, counseling, workshops and the facilitation of services. Adults are also offered access to business training, job skills and employment counseling to help them develop and strengthen their ability to generate income to support their families. Overture also facilitates leadership training to

equip community members to be self-directed and to foster a culture of self-governance.


children participated in psychosocial activities (to bring awareness against abuse)


adults attended child protection trainings


parents attended Family Empowerment Workshops


Our Focus Areas

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Empowering Leaders

Strong communities can only be built by strong leaders. And empowered communities are built from the inside out. That’s why Overture invests in identifying and developing community members who can take on the mantle of leadership where there has been a vacuum for generations. Through Overture’s educational programs, hands-on learning and mentoring, these leaders are given the tools and experience to become trusted, effective catalysts for change in their communities.


Strengthening Families

The family is the heart of a community. As the family goes, so goes the community. We make family strengthening a priority by developing and implementing education, training and programs that address the challenges Haitian families encounter each day. This includes: - Family Empowerment Workshops that provide tools and resources that families can leverage to more effectively manage their daily needs. - Child Protection Training focused on equipping parents and caregivers with the information they need to ensure their children are safe and well cared for. - Business Training that provides adult family members with education and resources they can use to start and maintain a business so they can better provide for their family.



Just as leaders and families are critical in building a strong community, so are the brick and mortar elements of the community. The primary structures we rely on are our Overture Community Dome Centers. These integral parts of the physical infrastructure provide safe, resilient buildings that act as gathering places for events, secure storage for critical supplies and safe shelter during disasters. And they enable us to be prepared for quickly activating the three "R"s of disaster response: Response, Relief, Recovery. 

Lives Transformed by Empowerment

See Empowerment in Action

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