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Growing Self-Sufficiency

Of the almost 11 million people living in Haiti, 4.4 million of them are at significant risk of hunger. According to The World Food Programme, the country has one of the highest levels of chronic food insecurity in the world. And because of its remoteness and distance from ports, food insecurity in southern Haiti is even more prevalent. That’s why one of the pillars of our Overture Social Support Model is Nutrition. Aside from the life-giving aspect of food, creating a reliable, sustainable food supply infrastructure is a critical component of creating an autonomous community not reliant on outside aid for basic nutrition needs. The need is great, and the time is right to try something revolutionary and transformative!


Diri Lavi! meals packaged with Haitian produce and labor


farmers earned income through Overture's nutrition programs


meals provided to kids in Overture's crisis care center

Stats from 2023 Annual Report


Our Focus Areas


Planting Seeds of Independence

Unlike in the U.S., Haitian families are required to pay for their child’s education, and in the most rural communities like Overture serves, there aren’t even functioning schools or trained teachers. This is where Overture enters the equation. We offer scholarships for thousands of children attending more than 100 schools in southern Haiti to ensure these families can put their children on a path to ending generational poverty and creating a generation of independent, self-sufficient Haitians.  In addition to scholarships, Overture donors fully support five core education schools in southern Haiti. This includes our ESPWA campus and the communities of Les Cayes, Camp Perrin, Tiburon and Dory. To ensure children in these communities have a place to learn, Overture and local adults have built classrooms in some of the most remote areas of southern Haiti.


Cultivating Self-Sufficiency

Overture is not afraid to attempt bold projects that have the potential to transform the communities we serve. Our Diri Lavi! Food Packaging Program is a strong example of thinking differently. In partnership with the Midwest Food Bank, this revolutionary food packaging program is creating the ability for community members to package meals using locally grown rice and beans. The initial beneficiaries of Diri Lavi! are students in the schools served by Overture with a school lunch program. These students will receive their daily meals from the food packaging program. Not only will this ensure the nutritional needs of the school children are met, but it will also provide wage-earning jobs to their parents and community members.


Feeding Futures

Overture equips communities and schools with nutritional resources that are scarce, or non-existent, so community members can provide for their own families and students. Our hot lunch programs in schools provide nutritional and educational benefits, and the community meal programs provide nutrition, social engagement and economic benefits. We also partner with the schools and the parents to promote student gardens, provide nutrition education and include additional produce purchased from local farmers. Not only are we encouraging healthier eating habits, but we’re also fostering self-sufficiency and independence by building and supporting local economic infrastructure.

Lives Transformed by Nutrition

See Nutrition in Action

See how our ESPWA Community Farm is impacting the people of Haiti!

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