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become an AMBASSADOR

There are many ways to get involved with the work of Overture International, and becoming an ambassador is one of them!


Our ambassadors are committed groups of people across the country who raise funds and awareness for our mission. From churches to families, businesses to rotaries, these teams are passionate about supporting communities in Southern Haiti.


Join in their ongoing fundraising efforts – or start your own by reaching out to us today!

What does being an Ambassador entail?

Being an ambassador of Overture simply means that you are committed to our mission of seeing the children, families and communities of Haiti thrive.


You want more people to know about and become involved in this work! 


Here are just a few ways ambassadors help Overture International vital programs in Haiti:

  • Sponsor a fundraiser

  • Host an information session

  • Share Overture's social media posts, emails and brochures

  • Empower the mission with specific skills and talents

  • Pray for the staff, beneficiaries and Haiti

Meet our Ambassadors

Learn more about their fundraising efforts!

Are you ready to become an ambassador for Overture?


Reach out to us today!

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