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Core Beliefs

Working With a Purpose

We’re committed to remaining laser-focused on our mission and vision, avoiding the inevitable distractions that arise along the way. Simply put, our why is founded in our belief that God desires all of us, including Haitians, to experience the dignity, freedom and joy that comes from living independent and self-sufficient lives. All of our projects and plans are developed through this lens.


Our Vision

A Haiti is transformed by strong, independent, self-sufficient Haitian communities.


Our Belief

Haitians have a God-given desire and calling to live independent, self-sufficient lives. They are capable and worthy of the opportunity to experience such a life.


Our Mission

To empower Haitian families and their communities to be active and engaged in building full, hopeful and independent lives.


Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are built upon a biblical foundation and are embedded in every initiative we undertake and guide us as we seek to glorify and honor God in all that we do.


We are compassionate towards those who are helpless, supportive of those in need and eager to empower those capable of developing their futures. We believe improving the well-being of others restores dignity and creates economic growth thus breaking the bondage of poverty and dependency. (Matthew 25:40)

Faith & Perseverance

Our faith in God is the fuel that powers our motivations, decisions and actions. Our faith allows us to persevere without anxiety and fear because we trust God to be in control of all things. We are focused on the long term and committed to those we serve through all challenges until our vision is realized. (Matthew 6:25, 26)


We are stronger together and we were created for fellowship. We prioritize the power of community and we create it wherever and with whomever we serve. We also understand that Haitians helping Haitians is the only way to true independence. (1 Peter 4:8-11)


We acknowledge that our personal and professional conduct is a representation of our organization, and we are committed to transparency and to holding one another accountable to honesty, respect, and integrity. God calls us to be good stewards, therefore, we are true to our beliefs and commitments regardless of the pressure of negative influences. (Matthew 25:14-30)


We foster leadership in others and we lead by example instead of authority to demonstrate the values and behaviors we desire in others. Leaders are expected to create a culture of trust and ethical behavior through their ability to collaborate and empathize with others. We learn from our past experiences to identify our strengths, improve our weaknesses and cultivate growth in our staff and those we serve. (Mark 9:35)


We empower and equip those we serve for a sustainable and prosperous future because they hold the position, agency and influence to move their families, neighbors and communities toward independence, autonomy and self-sufficiency. (Jeremiah 17:7-8)

Humility & Gratitude

We nurture an attitude of gratitude with humility, acknowledging that all we have, all we receive and all we accomplish are a blessing from God. The impact made through our mission is a direct result of God’s work through others. (Matthew 9:35-38)

Why Haiti

At Overture, we choose to equip and empower, not underestimate or undermine the amazing people of Haiti. We refuse to accept that Haiti is destined to exist in persistent dependence and poverty. And we are committed to a different form of intervention, one centered on those we serve, not on our own ideas of what we think they need.
Haitians are remarkably resilient and hard-working. They are eager to take charge of their lives and to identify solutions that enhance their communities. And they are fully capable of developing and managing their own journeys to breaking the cycle of generational poverty and becoming self-sufficient.
Generational poverty, however, has taken its toll on families and children. An alarming number of Haitian parents readily relinquish their children to institutions because they genuinely believe they are giving their children the very best chance at survival. Unfortunately, we know orphanages are never the answer and that institutionalization is incredibly traumatic on both children and parents. We also know that it results in a lack of motivation and ability for young adults to envision a promising future that could eventually lead to long-term independence. Ultimately, children develop and thrive best when they remain with their families. Stronger families create stronger communities. And stronger communities will ultimately create a stronger Haiti.

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