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Education in Haiti

Bringing hope through learning and possibility through education

The 20-21 School Year begins A NEW CHAPTER for more than 1,600 students in Southern Haiti


Thank you for your commitment to the students and the youth of Haiti!

Whether it’s through scholarships, supplies or snacks, every dollar contributed to our Education Efforts ensures that our students are given the quality educational opportunity they deserve.

Click Here to read an update on the 19/20 School Year

Click Here to read more about Overture's Education Efforts in Southern Haiti

Important Dates:

August 17th, 2020

Students return to finish out the 19/20 School Year

November, 2020

The new 20/21 School Year begins

Last year was a challenge but we PERSEVERED! 

19/20 Update

November 2019:  The Haitian school year started several months late due to political unrest. 

March 2020:  Schools in Haiti shutdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 


The 19/20 school year was drastically cut short for Haitian students, including the 1,600+ students enrolled in our ESPWA schools and other educational programs. It’s devastating enough that they’re missing out on crucial educational opportunities – education is a chance at a thriving, bright future after all. But even more devastating in some cases was that they were missing out on physically being at school. For many of these students, school is a safe place. 


Our teachers did not give up!  They distributed video lessons and distributed through Whatsapp, provided materials so students could complete at-home assignments, and they never gave up hope.  While it was not the ideal way to end the school year, the students that attend school at ESPWA continued to make their education their number one priority. We are so proud of all they have accomplished in the face of adversity!


We’ve never been more aware of the importance of both schooling and the school.


That’s why we’re celebrating our students who will be returning to school

for the 2020-21 school year.


It's a brand new slate, and we want to make it count! 



Espwa Campus 

  • K-University Prep (kindergarten has 3 levels so the children can begin at age 3!)

  • Education is enriched with a Religious Curriculum

  • Scholarships help offset or completely cover the cost of tuition (including supplies, books and uniforms) for children

  • This includes scholarships for the 300+ children who have been reunified with their families, so they can attend school in their local communities 

Espwa's Camp Perrin Campus 

  • K-9th grade (reaching 9th grade is a huge milestone!) 

  • Overture is committed to providing opportunities for education even in the most rural areas!

  • 300+  students are enrolled at Camp Perrin and all the students received a hot, nutritious meal everyday...even when school cannot operate because of a crisis


Education Center in Tapion, Tiburon 

  • Overture founded this school last year at our community development site in Tiburon – currently 60 students are enrolled! 

  • This is the first school in the community and first opportunity for learning for many of the students 

  • Previously, children would have to travel up to 9 miles by foot to go to school 

Young Adult Empowerment Program

  • 32 young adults are currently enrolled in this 2-year program (our hope is to increase to 50!)

  • They’re offered a broad range of services and opportunities to guide them towards a productive career, helping them overcome poverty and thrive in life 

  • Click Here to read our program brochure

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Espwa's After School Program

  • These programs enable children to reach their highest potential, build confidence, and dream big 

  • Enrichment activities also include job exploration and internship opportunities

School Lunch Program

  • Through this program, we provide a daily, nutritious meal to students (sometimes it’s their only meal of the day) 

  • Even when schools are closed, we distribute meal packages to families so they can still enjoy a hot meal


By becoming a monthly supporter, you can make a difference in the lives of our students!

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