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Mission Ambassadors
in Minnesota

Empowering a stronger Haiti...
one family at a time

Overture International is proud and grateful to have partners in Minnesota who are preventing the separation of families through safe and secure housing.  Since 2018, they have empowered more than 100 families living in extreme poverty by giving them the opportunity to experience dignity of owning a home and providing for themselves. 

Now the MN Mission Team is expanding their efforts to empower the work of Overture to provide crisis care and ensure that every child has a family!  Click here to learn more.


Sending Haiti Love!

Our faithful supporters show their Haiti Love in many ways - through time, talent and treasure - and we especially love it when they find creative ways to support our ongoing efforts in Haiti! 

MN Card Header.jpg

Our faithful supporters from our Minnesota Ambassador team have supported Haiti’s most vulnerable since 2008, primarily focusing on funding housing projects. And while the group remains committed to safe shelter for vulnerable families, Sue and her friends have taken it upon themselves to do even more with the gifts God has given them. When Sue's team learned about a group of 25 special-needs children whom Overture helped to rescue from an orphanage late last spring, they decided to put their artistic talents to use by hand-designing unique greeting cards that they are offering for an online fundraiser.


All proceeds from the sales of these beautiful cards are going directly to the support the ongoing care of these precious children. The creativity of this team and their God-given talents have blessed these children immensely and we are forever grateful to them for their devotion to our work. Thank you Sue and the MN Mission Team!

Click here to read more about the rescue of these children and the support that is needed to ensure that each of these children are reunited with their biological family or a loving foster family.

Minnesota Team Mission Trip Photos

Learn more about the homes and previous families supported by the MN team.

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