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Mission Ambassadors
in Minnesota

Empowering strong communities...
one family at a time

Overture International is proud to have partners in Minnesota who are preventing the separation of families through safe and secure housing.  The MN team have been supporting Haiti's most vulnerable since 2008.  Beginning in 2018, they have been empowering families living in extreme poverty by giving them the opportunity to experience dignity of owning a home and providing for themselves.  

Thanks to the generosity of the Minnesota team,
18 new homes have been fully fun
ded since 2018!

Continue reading to learn how the MN Team is expanding their efforts to help even more families:


Current Fundraiser

Since May 2022, our friends in Minnesota have been fundraising to help us
met the gap cost homes funded in the Cross Catholic grant that is
building 100 new homes!​  

In 2022, $27,747 was raised to provide 32 roofs for new homes -

exceeding their goal of $25,000. 

For 2023, let's help them match this goal!


Without these kinds of activities, Overture would be far less
effective in our mission to equip Haitians to live independent,
self-sufficient lives.

Continue reading below to learn more about our housing grant from Cross Catholic Outreach:

Overture is thrilled to announce that Cross Catholic Outreach will has committed to continuing building efforts by awarding us with a grant to build 100 new homes between the period of July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023. The cost of supplies for home building has been significantly impacted by political instability, gang violence, difficulty of transportation and inflation. This impact means the cost of building a home in Haiti is now $10,850.


Cross has agreed to fund $10k for each home, which means we will need YOUR help to cover the additional costs ($850 per home) associated with inflation.  

We are thankful for the MN Mission Teams commitment to continuing their housing support efforts by partnering with us and Cross Catholic to raise the gap cost for as many homes as possible. $850 is the approximate cost for the roof for each house. 


Your financial partnership with this team of ambassadors will translate directly to providing new housing for families who are in desperate need.

or TEXT the code: MNHOUSING

to 44-321 to make a donation

35 Roofs

as of April 30, 2023

Minnesota Team Mission Trip Photos

Learn more about the homes and previous families supported by the MN team.

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