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Active Projects

Resiliency in Action

From packaging food to building community domes to empowering young adults, our friends in southern Haiti are working their way toward independence and self-sufficiency with every project they undertake. They have proven that resilience IS possible when equipped with adequate resources and support structures.


Check out the many exciting projects that we’re undertaking together to build Haiti stronger!

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Disaster Response

Overture's disaster support model differs from other humanitarian aid organizations, and with the support of donors, we’re constantly working to be prepared for the next disaster.

ESPWA Center

ESPWA is now the largest center of its kind in Southern Haiti, providing vital programs and support to children and families with the ultimate goal of keeping family units together.


Diri Lavi! Food Packaging

The Diri Lavi! Food Packaging Program is enabling community members to package meal bundles, each of which provides 25 servings - using rice and beans grown by Haitian farmers.

Dome Community Centers

Overture plans for natural disasters by building storm-resistant dome structures to serve multiple communities. These domes provide critical, safe, multi-purpose spaces.

Family Preservation

Families are the bedrock of every thriving community. That’s why Overture is dedicated to empowering impoverished families in Haiti through our Social Support Model.



Young Adults in Haiti face difficult challenges as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Through Overture’s Rejuvenation (formerly the Young Adult Empowerment Program), these young people move towards self-reliance and independence.


Community Farming

Our Community Farming Program provides access to farmable land and seed to grow their own food as well as some surplus food they can sell and/or trade for other goods and services.

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