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Our Story

Overture was born in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which devastated the southern department of Haiti in October 2016. Our team comprised southern Haiti’s first response to the crisis by sheltering displaced families, administering outreach services to rural communities, surveying damage, engineering and managing more than $2M in new construction projects, and ultimately providing relief to thousands of families and children.

Core Beliefs

We believe Haitians (like all of us) have a God-given desire and calling to live independent, self-sufficient lives. And we believe they are capable and worthy of the opportunity to experience such a life.

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our purpose


our values

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our strategies

Our How


Our Overture Social Support Model is our proven foundation for building Haiti stronger through empowering Haitians of all ages at individual, family and community levels toward independence and self-sufficiency. The model is established around community partnerships and locally-driven services, and it’s built on five pillars that equip community members with the education, skills and resources they need to overcome daily obstacles.

Our People

Our team is dedicated to providing hope to Haitians on their journey from dependence to self-sufficiency. And the majority of staff are Haitians. Because we believe in the power of Haitians helping Haitians.

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Overture is dedicated to accountability and transparency. They are the cornerstone of partnership with our donors and those we serve. Your investment is changing lives and building Haiti stronger one child, one family and one community at a time.

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