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Donor Commitment

Accountability and transparency are the cornerstone of partnership with donors and those we serve.


Financial Transparency

Our financial and tax statements are made public via our website and other public platforms. We welcome donors' questions and concerns.

Restricted Funds

We honor the intent of our donors.  All designated funds are restricted for the donor-designated project. In the rare event that more funds are received than are required for a specific project, the additional funds will be used where most needed.


We are committed to keeping our administrative and fundraising costs as low as possible while serving our donors and volunteers with quality educational and philanthropic resources.


We will not share or sell your personal information with outside organizations. Our social media platforms are used to share program information but also to engage with our donors and volunteers. All communications via these public forums must be respectful and mutually beneficial for the organization, our partners, and beneficiaries.


The staff and volunteers of Overture International acknowledge that our personal and professional conduct is a representation of our organization and we are committed to holding one another accountable to honesty, respect, and integrity.


Overture International and its partners have a shared belief that we have a special responsibility for the safety and well-being of our beneficiaries, volunteers, partners and staff, to protect them from any behavior that violates their rights. As such, we are committed to being advocates for the most vulnerable in our communities. Read our Safeguarding Policy.

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