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Our Team

The People Behind the Work

The Overture team is made up of a committed and passionate group of individuals (many of whom are Haitians) who represent diverse and valuable skillsets ranging from licensed physicians and nurses to certified social workers to educators to builders and so much more. Our people are at the very core of all we do and they move our mission forward. They are dedicated to providing hope to all Haitians in their journeys from dependence to self-sufficiency.

Meet The Team

Lisa Hyatt

Lisa Hyatt (MBA)

Executive Director

Enel Andre

Enel Andre (MSW)

Social/Community Development Manager

R. P. Peronneau

R. Pierre Peronneau

Program Manager & Licensed Social Worker

Sainval Mar_edited.jpg

Wijems Sainval

Empowerment Manager & Social Worker

Alain Valcourt Mar_edited.jpg

Alain Valcourt

Administrative Manager

Amos Mar_edited.jpg

Amos Souffrant

Finance Manager

Maxo Fontaine

Maxo Fontaine

Project Controller

OOI Variation Social Media.png

Cesar J. Oudly

Psychosocial Activity Specialist


Vales St. Val

Social Worker & IBESR Liason

Kendy Forvil

Kendy Forvil

Social Worker


Louisianne J. Denis

Social Worker

Katia Mar_edited.jpg

Katia Adelson

Human Resources

L. Brevil

Lissois Brevil

Education Program Manager

Gina Nerelus

Gina Nerelus

Education Coordinator

Olrich Policard

Olrich Policard

Nutrition Manager


Jacqueline Touchard

School Lunch Coordinator

Dr. Gaspar

Dr. Gaspar Edmond

Lead Clinic Manager & Doctor

Dr. Jhonny

Dr. Jhonny Eustach

Mobile Clinic Manager & Doctor

Dr. Julie

Dr. Julie Destel



Florence E. Fontaine

Nurse & Pharmacist

More Team Leaders


Fenel Tercidor,
Johnny Saintilien,
Transportation Mgr.
Jerome Fontaine,
Depot Coordinator
J. Pierre Delinxe,



Whoopishannen Tarte,
Case Manager

Rolthier Louis,
Economic Agent


Protection Agents

Gary Pierre
Rosny Adelson
P. Michel Francois
Franck Rosier
P. Romain Fanfan



Blandine Dormeus,
Kindergarten Coordinator
Farah Aurelus,
Secondary Coordinator
Manita Maseus,



Mackenson Gedna,
Asst. Kitchen Mgr.
J. Clotaire J. Louis,
Community Farm Manager


Nadege Gaspard,
Clinic Nurse
Rose S. Dorelus,
Clinic Nurse
Mislaine Augustin,
Lab Technician

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