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Safeguarding Policy

Our Commitment to Safety

Overture Outreach International (Overture International) and its partners have a shared belief that we have a special responsibility for the safety and well-being of our beneficiaries, volunteers, partners and staff, to protect them from any behavior that violates their rights. As such, we are committed to being advocates for the most vulnerable in our communities.

This policy is grounded in five basic guiding principles of safeguarding and describes the steps that will be taken to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected from all types of abuse in the delivery of programs funded by Overture International.

  1. We have zero tolerance for any form of abuse, neglect and/or mistreatment.

  2. All children and vulnerable adults have equal rights to protection from abuse and exploitation.

  3. Children and vulnerable adults are empowered and educated about their rights, personal safety and steps they can take if there is a problem.

  4. Protection for children and vulnerable adults is integrated in all aspects of our programs, strategies, and work practices.

  5. All suspicions and accusations of abuse are taken seriously.

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