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Fostering Independence and
for All

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5 Steps. 5 Core Services. Transformational Impact!

The Overture Social Support Model is our proven foundation for building Haiti stronger through empowering Haitians of all ages at individual, family and community levels toward independence and self-sufficiency. The model is established around community partnerships and locally-driven services, and it’s built on five pillars that equip community members with the education, skills and resources they need to overcome daily obstacles. We call it our proven process.

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Improves wellbeing through assessments, counseling, workshops and facilitation of services. 

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  • 125 community leaders participated in training workshops

  • 240 parents attended our Family Empowerment workshop series

  • 1,020 adults attended child protection training


Supports scholarships, teacher training and the construction of classrooms.

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  • 48 students in Young Adult Empowerment Program

  • 150 teachers participated in training

  • 2,070 full or partial scholarships

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Provides resources for community meal programs, school lunches and farm support.

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  • 97 families benefitting from community farm support

  • 1,687 students fed through school lunch programs

  • 37 families received animal husbandry support


Builds strong homes for families, purchasing from local vendors and creating local jobs.​

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  • 250+ jobs provided through housing projects

  • 144 new or repaired homes 

  • 532 children avoided separation from family because of new homes 

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Brings mobile clinics to communities that lack access to medical, public health and mental healthcare.

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  • 728 adults and/or youth attended Public Health Workshops

  • 2,807 Haitians served by our seven mobile clinics 

  • 900 adults and/or children participated in group counseling for trauma

5 Core Programs
Our 5 Pillars.png

*stats are from the 2021 calendar year

The following five pillars are essential for any community to thrive as it should. They serve as the building blocks to a stronger Haiti and they are entirely led by Haitian community members who are equipping their fellow neighbors.

For Haitians by Haitians.

When you implement programs that are long-standing in communities where individuals and families are eager to learn and grow, that's when you know you've achieved true recovery; and that's when you know you've helped to make HAITI STRONGER!

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