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Our Model

Five Steps to Transformational Impact

The Overture Social Support Model is our proven foundation for building Haiti stronger through empowering Haitians of all ages at individual, family and community levels toward independence and self-sufficiency. The model is established around community partnerships and locally-driven services, and it’s built on five pillars that equip community members with the education, skills and resources they need to overcome daily obstacles.

Step 1: Establish Community Partnerships

Overture social workers form relational bonds with community leaders and collaborate to identify essential priority needs.


Step 2: Asses, Plan & Goalset

Social workers and community leaders assess the community’s key needs, and then tailor a plan to meet specific goals and teach necessary skills.


Step 3: Coordinate Local Services

Once the community’s plan is developed, Overture coordinates with local workers to implement the plan.


Step 4: Implement Essential Services

We’ve identified five essential needs (a.k.a. pillars) as the building blocks to a stronger Haiti — free from generational dependence. Click on each icon to learn more.


Step 5: Evaluate Results

Ongoing assessments measure results and crisis response times. This includes plans for funding permanent infrastructure and self-sustainability.

The Outcome: Independence & Self Sufficiency

We empower Haitian families and their communities to remain active and engaged in living fulfilled and independent lives.


The Power Behind the Model

The power of the Overture Social Support Model was clearly evident in our response to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the country in August 2021. Because of the Overture Social Support Model, our local teams had the necessary resources and skills needed to focus on an effective plan for rescue, recovery and rebuilding through our Five Pillars of essential services. By the end of 2021, our efforts resulted in:


families assessed and provided with trauma support by our social workers


classrooms restored to enable the quick return of 1,150 students


individuals served with warm meals by 10 community food programs


individuals provided with medical care through mobile clinics


disaster-resilient homes repaired or rebuilt quickly and more resiliently

We’re seeing similar results during the current crises facing Haiti. Even during food and fuel shortages, cholera outbreaks, and violence threatening our communities, our teams and community members continue to operate at a far higher level than most surrounding communities. Because when economic opportunities are available, along with other viable services that enable families to meet their basic needs, the result is hope and promise for the freedom that comes with independence and self-sufficiency. Today, your investment in building Haiti Stronger has empowered thousands of families to end generational poverty. That’s the proof of the power and impact of the Overture Social Support Model.

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