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Overture was born in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which devastated the southern department of Haiti in October 2016.  Our team comprised southern Haiti’s first response to the crisis by sheltering displaced families, administering outreach services to rural communities, surveying damage, engineering and managing over $2M in new construction projects, and ultimately providing relief to thousands of families and children. 

Haitians are remarkably resilient, hard-working, and eager to take charge of their lives and identify solutions that enhance their communities. Generational poverty, however, has taken its toll on families and children.  Parents, for instance, readily relinquish their children to institutions that they believe can do a better job of providing opportunities.  Unfortunately, institutionalization results in a lack of motivation or the ability for the young adults to envision opportunities that could eventually lead to long-term independence.

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These experiences and the partner relationships we cultivated, have inspired our mission and ultimately led us to develop strategies that help children remain with their families through the development of social support, community resources, and the creation of economic opportunities. 


What Drives Our Actions

After spending countless days with families struggling under devastating conditions, our heartbreaking discoveries revealed:

  • Many Haitian parents, living in rural communities, have little to no education, are illiterate, and struggle day-to-day just to provide a meal for their family. 

  • Their families are oppressed by multiple layers of corruption and frequent intimidation by gang violence. 

  • With few economic opportunities, the cycle of poverty for families continues in the most vulnerable society in the world. 

  • Foreign aid only contributes to breeding dependency by crushing small businesses and creating dependence on aid.  For instance, after Hurricane Matthew, Haiti experienced a surge of food, housing and medical relief, which unfortunately, did not provide permanent solutions for families or communities. 


Seeking solutions to these problems we believed we could lift up communities through a unique approach to education and job creation.  By offering ways to learn money management skills, acquire business and vocational skills, gain hands on experience, explore business opportunities, and implement entrepreneurial ideas, we bring dignity and hope to those willing to improve their life circumstances. 

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What We Believe - Our Mission


Working together in Haiti for over a decade, we discovered a simple principle based on our biblical economic beliefs: 


Job creation is the ultimate solution to combating the ongoing cycle of poverty that results in family separation, vulnerability to natural disasters, and a dependence on foreign aid.


Inspired by a shared FAITH in God, we developed values-based approaches to empower the people of Haiti to improve their own lives and live independent of aid.  Most Haitian families readily embrace the challenge.


Our Mission logically followed:


To empower families in Haiti living in extreme poverty with
sustainable social, community, and economic development.

How We Work

We understand long-term success depends on an investment in resources that builds communities and a long-term commitment of time and talent to youth and families.  Sustainability is achieved only when we encourage self-help strategies, support local trade, offer jobs to local community members, and provide education.  Strengthened communities then must maintain the infrastructure to achieve lasting results.


We can’t do any of this alone, so we assembled a network of like-minded, trusted and respected partners throughout Haiti to enhance our ability to improve the well-being of children, families, and communities.  Our partners include international, governmental, business, and non-profit agencies.  Our loyal donors also play a significant role by generously offering the financial and prayer support we need to carry out OUR collective mission.


Together, we devote our work to the most vulnerable families by empowering them to become independent.  Our approach is unique in Haiti.

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The name Overture represents an introduction to opportunities for a meaningful life without poverty. 

The word “Overture” is best described as an opening or introduction to something more substantial.  It is most familiarly associated with orchestras or operas as an opening to a more meaningful and extended piece of work. 

The name “Overture” was chosen to represent an introduction to opportunities for a meaningful life without poverty.  It sets the stage for how fundamental change will be approached.

Why the name "Overture" ?

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