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Building stronger communities isn’t just about building up the people, it’s also about building up the physical infrastructure to support basic human needs. That’s why we invest heavily in the construction of homes, schools, community centers, medical clinics and more, because without these essentials, a community stands no chance at fostering independence or self-sufficiency.


Our focus on infrastructure offers safe physical spaces for communities to gather, learn and grow together while also supporting the local economy through hiring and buying.


new homes constructed since 2021 earthquake


individuals employed to support Overture's programs


individuals received skills training and jobs from construction projects

Stats from 2023 Annual Report


Our Focus Areas


Building Safe, Secure Housing

These homes can house up to 10 people and they often become the go-to home in communities for gatherings and safety. Made for all geographic areas, our traditional homes are disaster-resilient and can withstand up to a category 3 hurricane. Each home consist of: - 500 total square feet - block wall construction - wood frame, tin roof - concrete flooring  - rebar structural reinforcements - secure metal doors and windows - toilet and septic tank options


Feeding the Local Economy

Every new home or community building project, leads to a working community which ultimately strengthens the local economy. We empower the surrounding community by collaborating with local leadership, purchasing supplies locally and hiring community members to build the new homes. And through the process, local crew members are able to support their families and gain hands-on experience that gives them skills toward gaining future employment.


Developing Communities

Just as leaders and families are critical in building a strong community, so are the brick and mortar elements of the community. The primary structures we rely on are our Overture Community Dome Centers. These integral parts of the physical infrastructure provide safe, resilient buildings that act as gathering places for events, secure storage for critical supplies and safe shelter during disasters. And they allow for us to be prepared on the fy to activate the three "R"s of disaster response: Response, Relief, Recovery. We recently opened our latest dome community center in Dory, which includes the area's only functioning bathroom and hygiene facility. Click the image to learn more about our dome community center projects.

Lives Transformed by Infrastructure

See Housing in Action

Watch one of our house builds come to life from start to finish!

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