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Happy Global Day of Parents!

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Parents serve as their child’s head cheerleaders, main caregivers, first and best teachers, but most importantly, their fiercest protectors and advocates.

This past Monday was Global Day of Parents. The United Nations designated the Global Day of Parents as a day to recognize and appreciate parents all over the world for their “selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship.”

Alongside the United Nations and many other children’s rights advocates, we recognize the FAMILY has the primary responsibility for the nurturing and protection of their children. This means for the full and harmonious development of their physical, psychological, social person, children should grow up in a family environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love, and understanding.

This is why we are honored to support ESPWA and its commitment to FAMILIES in its mission to alleviate the devastating effects of poverty on vulnerable children in southern Haiti.

Not only do parents have a responsibility for protecting and nurturing their children, but their influence reaches into their local, national, and global communities. As the center of social life, families are the key to addressing problems like hunger and poverty, and promoting economic prosperity and social development. Families are the heart of sustainable communities.

ESPWA’s Family Preservation program focuses on the role of parents in creating an environment for children where they feel loved, supported, and protected. Parents have access to

  • Counseling and vocational skill training,

  • Job and financial training,

  • Long-term economic and food support through farming and animal husbandry,

  • and safe shelter through home repairs or new home construction.

Parents come to understand the rights of children, the importance of different developmental stages for children, and their critical role in protecting these rights and ensuring healthy development.

Being a parent is a universal human experience. There is no culture, society, or people that does not know the joy, compassion, pain, exhaustion, and miracle of being a mom or dad. As our partners work towards sustainable communities, social development, and economic opportunity, we know that this cannot be accomplished without strong, empowered, healthy families.

So happy (belated) Global Day of Parents to all of those parents in communities we serve! And happy Global Day of Parents to all of our donors and friends who give other parents strength and hope!

Thank you for giving your full self for the benefit of your children, their futures, and the future of our global community.

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