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Fostering Haiti Love

Building a Brighter Future Together

In the heart of southern Haiti where Overture International serves, a transformative initiative is taking root, changing the trajectory of the lives of vulnerable children in the region, especially those living in orphanages or alone on the streets. Since 2014, IBESR and its partners working in child protection have created a framework for a foster care system and have been promoting this as the first option for children without the option to live with their biological family. Overture International is supporting IBESR in their efforts to implement and expand this system because we strongly believe that every child, no matter the situation, deserves to live with a loving family.

In a region marked by economic adversity, the importance of building a strong and sustainable foster family network is critical to ensuring vulnerable children languishing in orphanages or on the street have a safe, stable family to turn to. While extreme poverty is a reality for so many in Haiti, there are stable, secure families interested in and capable of being foster families. This kind of foster care system serves as a beacon of hope, providing an alternative to institutional care by placing children within caring, trained, local families.

The Journey to a Strong Foster Care System

The road to establishing a strong foster care system in southern Haiti is not without its challenges. Economic limitations, cultural sensitivities, and existing broken institutional systems pose significant obstacles to our success. And although there are families willing to be foster parents, they may initially lack the experience, training or resources needed to succeed. Additionally, the intricate process of evaluating families for suitability requires time, resources, and a nuanced understanding of the community dynamics. It is also critical to have reliable and effective psychosocial support for children and families, both before and after the transition to a foster family. The emotional toll inherent in the process of uniting a child with a new family requires considerable counseling, education and resources. Additionally, ongoing support for host families is imperative to ensure the well-being of both children and caregivers to ensure long-term success.

Empowering IBESR: Sharing the Haiti Love!

Overture International recognizes the transformative potential of a thriving foster care system in southern Haiti. But we can not, and would not want to, do it alone. It is important to include the local community leaders and welfare agency in the process. That’s why Overture is working closely with the Haitian IBESR, their child welfare agency, to make this vision a reality. By partnering with IBESR, we’re working together to create an environment where the foster care system is able to flourish in southern Haiti. 

We’re already seeing the fruit of this partnership with IBESR. As of this writing, we’ve had 16 children united with their chosen foster family in just the last month. We’ve seen firsthand the power of Haiti Love as its reflected in the faces of the children when they make a connection that will change the trajectory of their lives.  

Haiti Love Begins with Family

A key aspect to the success of this initiative is having families willing to volunteer as host families. We understand that, even in challenging economic circumstances, families can provide love, stability, and support. To ensure the best possible outcome for the children and the families, the evaluation process is meticulous and thorough, taking into account the unique circumstances of each family, the intricate web of community relationships and the resources available. Overture works with IBESR to evaluate each family and create opportunities for the children and potential foster parents to interact, get to know each other and determine the best possible match. These foster families are critical to building a strong foundation for the children, the families and the community as they work together toward a life of Haiti Love and self-reliance. 

Haiti Love: Mission Possible! 

While economic challenges persist, we encourage you to join us to imagine the impossible – a future where love and support transcend poverty in southern Haiti. A foster care system is not just about addressing the immediate needs of vulnerable children; it is about planting seeds of hope that will blossom into empowered individuals capable of breaking free from the chains of poverty and dependence so prevalent in the region.

By fostering Haiti Love, we are sowing the seeds of change, one family at a time. We invite you to join this transformative journey, where children, family and community come together to create a foundation for a brighter future for all of southern Haiti.

You can learn more about how Overture is working to end the orphanage system in Haiti and strengthen families and communities, please read our Orphanages are NOT the Answer series.

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