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Educating for Self-Sufficiency

Pwoje Espwa Sud (ESPWA) was founded in 1998 as a traditional orphanage in Southern Haiti. After 20-years, upon assuming the financial sponsorship of ESPWA in June 2020, Overture International successfully transitioned ESPWA from an orphanage (successfully reunifying all 250 children with their families) to a child development and family strengthening center as well as a hub for Community Farming, Healthcare Services, Disaster Preparedness and more. It has truly become a place for hope for those living in and around the campus. 

June 2021 marked the one-year anniversary of ESPWA’s official transition from orphanage to child and community development center. It is now the largest center of its kind in Southern Haiti, providing vital programs and support to children and their families with the ultimate goal of keeping the family unit together through implementation of the Overture Social Support Model.


The ESPWA Campus

The 7-acre ESPWA campus and adjacent 120 acres of farmland that was once reserved strictly for housing and schooling of ESPWA's orphans has now been repurposed with a broader reach in mind. Today, children, families and community members alike are all welcomed on the campus and encouraged to participate in the many programs we offer.

The ESPWA campus enables us to bring the Overture Social Support Model and its foundational five pillars of service to life for communities in Les Cayes. A stronger Haiti needs reliable infrastructure equipped to host programs that empower families, communities and the economy. The 24 dome structures at the ESPWA campus have proven to be a flagship model for future community centers throughout the Sud Department and beyond.

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