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February 2021 Reflections

Updated: Feb 22

Thank you for showing your HAITI LOVE throughout February!

Our theme verse at Overture International is 1 Corinthians 13:13 –

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

Our programs center around providing HOPE to Haiti. FAITH is the foundation of all we do. And our LOVE for Haiti is our life’s work at Overture International. So, we thought we’d focus on showing our #HaitiLove throughout February, the month of love. Though it was a short month, we were able to accomplish so much thanks to you – even with a political crisis going on in Haiti.

Navigating Political Crisis

Since the beginning of the year, Haiti has been going through a political crisis due to confusion regarding the end of a presidential term. This resulted in a series of protests in an attempt to force the president to leave power. Schools closed, all economic activities paused and danger escalated. For children, it was a terrifying experience and for families (who are already trying to make ends meet), it was discouraging to see the economic toll the crisis took on their jobs. This latest crisis is just another reason we were even more determined to show love to the families in Southern Haiti. Thank you for your part in providing encouragement to them.

Read more of why Haiti needs our love.

Loving our Youth

Through our After School program, we're able to show love to our ESPWA students before, during and after school! In February, we shared fun pictures from recent driving and cooking classes – two very important life skills!

We also believe empowering our young adults is a way to love them. In a recent workshop for our Young Adult Empowerment Program, we had a public health instructor come and talk about the responsibility we each have with our own health and well-being!

Loving our Families

Aside from our Family Preservation program, there are other ways we seek to love the families and strengthen the communities of Haiti. One way is through our community farming. This program allows us to create a sustainable solution to malnutrition by investing in the local food systems in Haiti. We do this through supporting families who have the capabilities to expand their farms and facilitating the development of community farming and animal husbandry programs.

Read our end of the month email

Wrapped in God’s love

Here’s something to look forward to as we start a new month! From March 1-7, our ambassadors in Minnesota are auctioning 11 handmade quilts made by St. Hubert's Quilt Ministry. The team is hoping to raise enough money to fund homes for three vulnerable families in Haiti, like the one James belongs to…

12-year-old James was abandoned at the orphanage at the age of seven by his father after his mother passed away. His father was unable to provide the basic support to care for his children. James has now been reunited with his father, grandmother and other siblings but only the grandmother is employed, working as a day laborer in the fields. They are in desperate need of a sturdy, safe home, which our ambassadors are seeking to provide through this quilt auction!

It’s not too late to support their work and these three families in need of a new home! Bid on a quilt today.

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