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Disaster Leads to Opportunity

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

This past year in Haiti, we have seen one disaster or crisis after another. For some, the impact of these circumstances can be disheartening and overwhelming. But thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Overture International is turning calamity into creative opportunities for teaching new skills and sharing information for our friends in southern Haiti.

Building Haiti Stronger Through Education!

As an example, the destruction caused by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake has become an opportunity for community members to learn valuable skills in the construction and building trades. And the need for and lack of social support workers means we’re able to train community members to assist our social workers in caring for their own neighbors. You can see, Overture is leaning into the challenges and crises and leveraging them as an opportunity to build Haiti Stronger.

Thanks to our supporters, we have the right teams in the right places with the right skills and determination to strengthen families and communities so they’re more prepared to meet the next challenge head-on.

The Big Picture

Overture takes a holistic approach to our education efforts. We teach a variety of skills that are valuable and in demand so people can leverage that training to earn income to support themselves and their families. This is one of our top priorities as we work each day to improve opportunities in southern Haiti! We know from experience that education leads to jobs, and jobs lead to independence and sustainability that enable families to stay together. And ultimately when families stay together, stronger communities are built. That’s how we build HAITI STRONGER!

So what does this holistic approach look like in action?

Education is a significant part of our proven Social Support Model that is the linchpin of our success in equipping our friends in southern Haiti to live independent, self-sustaining lives.

You can learn more about our Social Support Model here.

Here are a few recent examples of how we’ve used education to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Education Builds Firm Foundations

As we’ve detailed in previous communications, the earthquake caused significant damage and destruction to homes, schools and other structures in the communities we serve. This presented the opportunity to enlist community members in the rebuilding process. This means training them in various areas of construction, including learning how to lay concrete foundations.

Last week we held our first training seminar to teach masonry skills to crew leaders. Workers from each community attended to help ensure consistency and quality across all construction sites and to use the opportunity to train as many people as possible at each seminar. These educational events play an integral role in strengthening individuals and communities, and ultimately leading to building Haiti Stronger!

Education Saves Lives

Access to adequate healthcare in southern Haiti is limited, at best. Most of the communities we serve lack any reliable healthcare and access to accurate information about disease prevention and treatment. With support from our donors, Overture is able to bridge the gap in healthcare and public health education by providing mobile health clinics and access to educational seminars.

For example, December 1st was International AIDS awareness day. We took the opportunity to host seminars to educate approx. 650 young adults at our ESPWA campus and at our Camp Perrin Campus. We partnered with area doctors, nurses, and social workers to provide life-saving awareness and prevention education about HIV/AIDs prevention and treatment. Seminars like this (made possible through your support) are critical in strengthening communities and building Haiti Stronger!

With your loyal support we can continue to provide critical educational opportunities to our community members and expand our proven Social Support model into 10 of the most vulnerable communities we serve. When you give today, you are truly playing a major role in making Haiti Stronger!!

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