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Building HAITI STRONGER begins with equipping families and communities to be physically and emotionally prepared for the next disaster or crisis they face.

Living in extreme poverty is bad enough, but when combined with violence, natural disasters, and a broken government system, the communities where families should be able to turn to for support, instead find a lack of resources to meet even their basic needs.


With your generous support, we are equipping 10 priority communities with our 5 Core Programs that together create a social support model to strengthen families and transform communities. It's the collective combination of programs - starting with Social Empowerment - that makes Overture's approach unique!


This will be a significant step toward building HAITI STRONGER not just for today, but for generations to come!

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Social Support Model

5 Core Programs. Transformational Impact.



Social support by licensed Haitian social workers improves the wellbeing of families through assessments, counseling, workshops and the facilitation of services. Families are also offered business training to help them develop and strengthen their ability to generate income to support their families.


Overture provides education through offering full or partial scholarships, facilitating teacher training programs and building new classrooms in areas where children lack access to education. And our Young Adult Empowerment program guides students toward a productive and sustainable career through training and skills development.



Overture equips communities and schools with nutritional resources that are scarce, or non-existent, so community members can provide for their own families and students. Self-sufficiency is always our goal. Hot lunch programs in schools provide nutritional and educational benefits. Community meal programs provide nutrition, social engagement and economic benefits.


Every new homes creates a working community and strengthens the local economy. Overture empowers the community toward self-sustainability by collaborating with local leadership, purchasing local supplies and hiring local community members. Local crew members are able to support their families while gaining hands-on experience that equips them for future employment and long-term success.



In most of the rural communities we serve, families are unable to access even the most basic healthcare due to lack of finances, transportation or access to services. Through both our mobile clinics and our clinic at ESPWA, we are able to provide access to quality medical care, public health education and mental health counseling.

When you implement programs that are long-standing in communities where individuals and families are eager to learn and grow, that's when you know you've achieved true recovery; and that's when you know you've helped to make HAITI STRONGER!


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