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A Glance Back, A Look Ahead

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

2021 is one for the books!

As we cross the halfway point of the first quarter of 2022, we take one last look back on the amazing progress and impact we saw in our Overture communities.

And while the numbers you’ll see in our 2021 Annual Report are amazing, more impressive are the stories of the individuals, families and communities who are motivated to experience the freedom derived from an independent, self-sustaining life. These incredible Haitians are leveraging the training, resources and support, made possible by Overture donors, to build stronger lives, families and communities. And to ultimately build Haiti Stronger!

While we celebrate the achievements and progress of the last year, we are even more excited about 2022 and the chance to equip our friends in southern Haiti to continue advancing toward independence. At Overture, we believe in the audacious. And that through God, nothing is impossible. That’s why we’ve established bold goals for 2022.

Here are just some of the initiatives we’re undertaking this year. As always, this work is only possible through the generosity of our donors. We look forward to another year of progress and impact toward building Haiti Stronger!

In 2022 we will:

Maximize use of the ESPWA campus to reach and serve more families & children

Conduct even more:

  • Family empowerment workshops

  • Personal Development training for reunified family members

  • Child Protection Trainings

  • Teacher Trainings to increase educational opportunities

  • Social group meetings for parents during after school time

Begin development of future programs to be hosted at ESPWA, to include foster family training to prepare them for parenting special needs children and troubled youth

​Educate our donors and patrons regarding the importance of the activation of our Social Support Model.

This will include:

  • Information sessions

  • Written articles

  • Communicating results of the Social Support Model via case studies

Continue providing and increase access to medical care at the ESPWA clinic and through mobile clinics in our priority communities.

The ESPWA clinic and mobile clinics were launched due to the earthquake. Because medical care was not part of our Overture’s operational budget prior to the Earthquake, we will require significant and specific fundraising over and above our general donations to maintain these efforts this year.

​Continue to expand the Overture Social Support Model in our 10 priority communities, with special focus on expanding infrastructure to sustain our Social Support Model growth.

This includes:

  • Enhancing our mobilization efforts through new all-terrain vehicles. This is a significant operational need for Overture in order to ensure our teams are equipped to deliver consistent on-site visits which put enormous wear and tear on our already well-used vehicles.

  • Building two of six Overture Dome Community Centers in our priority communities.

  • Building 100 new disaster resilient homes within our priority communities

  • Building three new classrooms in Dory and four new classrooms in Tiburon to expand our educational infrastructure and our ability to serve more children.


Obviously, this is an ambitious plan. But we’re confident in the generosity of our donors, the effectiveness of our teams and the amazing strength of our friends in southern Haiti, that TOGETHER we can and will accomplish this and more!

To learn more about how you can invest in making this vision a reality, visit our website.

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