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Meet Lorencia

Like many families in Haiti, the Timeau family faced an agonizing choice after losing their

income in the aftermath of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. They could keep their family together, but no income meant no school for their four year-old Lorencia. Or they could send Lorencia to an orphanage where she could

attend school but run the risk of being exposed to abuse, neglect and other horrible outcomes.

This is the unimaginable choice so many parents in southern Haiti must face each day. Fortunately, because of Overture’s donors, the Timeau’s didn’t have to choose between an education or keeping Lorencia at home. They were able to leverage a scholarship provided through Overture to cover the cost of school for one year. Now, Lorencia is coming into her own at school and at home. In addition to doing very well in her studies, she’s becoming quite the comedian, constantly making her family, school friends and teachers smile and laugh at her antics and jokes. The Timeau family is counting on you and Overture to continue investing in Lorencia’s education until they get back on their feet and gain the stability they lost due to the earthquake’s devastation.

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