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Widline's Hope

Education means life - a life of hope for the child, a life together for the family and life with promise for the community. The story of Widline and her family is a prime example of the power of education.

Widline is a 15-year-old girl who lives with her mother, stepfather and two siblings in Colette, a sub-area in Les Cayes. Because of lack of funds to send Widline to school, her mom turned over care for her to the Espwa orphanage in September 2013.

When Overture reunited the orphanage children in 2019, Widline was reunited with her family. Overture worked with the family to develop a strong support plan that focused on moving them from dependence to self-sufficiency. The plan included covering the school tuition and materials for Widline and her brother; monthly food allowance for the family; counseling and training sessions on parenting and other skills.

With these supports in place, the family has made enormous progress. In fact, Wildline and all the children in the family now attend school and earn high marks from their teachers. Her mother Monique and father-in-law Rosenol now farm and sell vegetables to earn an income. They are making great strides in being able to care for their children. For now though, the cost of school is still more than they can bear.

According to Monique, school attendance is a huge blessing, “We’re so grateful to Overture International donors who make it possible for Widline and all of our children to attend school. They’re not only getting an education, but they’re able to stay out of the orphanage and live with our family. We know that they are not only safe, but that what they are learning in school will help them lead a life of independence, something we could only dream of as children.”

It’s clear that for children like Widline, Education means Life in Haiti!

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