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We’re excited to share this year’s annual report with you as it not only captures the transformational numbers of new homes built, medical clinics facilitated, children educated, meals packaged, and more, but it also tells the story of how our Overture Social Support Model and its Five Pillars of service are equipping our friends in Haiti to develop resilience and become independent and self-reliant. Your investment in this work is directly impacting the lives of children, families and communities throughout southern Haiti. 

We hope you enjoy reading about the incredible transformation happening in one of the most challenging and resource-deprived regions in the world. That’s why RESILIENCE is our word for 2022 and beyond.

2022 Annual Report Cover.png

Click HERE to download report

Our friends in Haiti have proven that resilience IS possible when equipped with adequate resources and support structures.  Your faithful partnership has resulted in incredible progress over the last few years, but there remain far too many communities still in desperate need of basic infrastructure and tools to sustain crisis or families in difficulty.  That's why your continued support is more critical now than ever!  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Haiti's most vulnerable.

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