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Together We Are One!

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Ansanm nou fe yon sel – together we are one! Bringing people together to target the most critical needs is how we create strong communities.

In the face of this pandemic that is changing our world, ESPWA, an organization placed in the community to serve vulnerable children and families cannot remain still.”


ESPWA General Manager

The ESWPA Team, aware of the crisis families are facing, worked quickly to implement a preventative intervention against Coronavirus through the communities: Madame Combe, Guillème, and Fonfrèd.

ESPWA's action plan:

  • Raise awareness in the communities by broadcasting self-care advice over a loudspeaker while ESPWA nurses hand out educational flyers about the Coronavirus and talk to families. For a population that has a high rate of illiteracy, especially in rural areas, disseminating information over the speaker helps to reinforce facts about the Coronavirus and dispel any myths.

  • Provide at least 100 vulnerable families in the communities with soap, Clorox, face masks, and food.

Overture International is proud to support the important work of ESPWA and other partners in the South Department of Haiti!

On a normal day, many families in Haiti find themselves struggling just to survive the day-to-day. Now with the Coronavirus crisis, the impact on families is intensifying the impact on their well-being and disrupting day-to-day activities, both in terms of health and the economy. Families living in extreme poverty are powerless to the effects of the pandemic. As the cases in Haiti increase, the food crisis rapidly escalates.

Link to CNN article, May 8th, 2020: Haiti's World Food Program Director

Link to Reuter's article, May 15, 2020: Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

This month, outreach projects are reaching hundreds of families desperate for food due

to the Coronavirus crisis.

Families in Camp Perrin were visited by Overture's Regional Director, Jocelyn Nelson, delivering vital supplies and food. Several of the families are part of ESPWA's Family Preservation program and were beneficiaries of an outreach home.

Near Port Salut, Overture's Social Worker, Vales St. Val, supported IBESR (Haitian child welfare agency) and a local woman's group for distribution of food, soap, cleaning supplies, and education.

There are more children and families in dire need due to the compounding effects of almost two years of political turmoil, drought lowering farm production, and the economic stagnation due to Coronavirus lockdown measures. For a majority of Haitian families living on less than $2 a day, even on a normal day it is difficult to know where the next meal will come from.

Strong communities, empowered by strong families, can overcome this crisis.

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