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The Journey to Resilience

If you’re following Overture International’s work, you’ve likely noticed that lately we’ve been focused on the importance and role of resiliency in our work in southern Haiti. Just as a reminder, we define resiliency as the capacity to withstand or to quickly recover from adversity; to be tough. The overall political stability of Haiti continues to decline so it is critically important that we press forward with our work that equips families and their communities with the skills and resources they need to be resilient and self-sufficient. The impact made in 2022 is just an example that families have the ability to be resilient!

While we celebrate the incredible progress that has been achieved prior to and through 2022 thanks to the amazing support of donors and the commitment and effort of the people we serve, there are still far too many communities in southern Haiti that lack the resources and infrastructure to achieve self-reliance and end generational poverty.

Throughout 2023, we will continue to implement and expand the Overture Social Support Model across each of its 5 Pillars - Education, Housing, Nutrition, Empowerment and Healthcare. Through the model, individuals and communities are equipped to build resilience, preparing them to withstand the daily challenges of living in a developing region so they aren’t just surviving, but through their own efforts and access to necessary resources, they have the opportunity to thrive.

In order to expand the implementation of the Overture Social Support Model, we’ve developed some ambitious (but we believe achievable) goals for 2023 across each of our 5 Pillars. The common theme for our 2023 goals is that we’re keenly focused on equipping those we serve and our team with the education and skills they need to become more resilient and move closer to self-reliance. We’re excited to share these goals with you that focus on training for leadership, teaching, nutrition, public health and technical skills.

Knowledge is POWER:

EMPOWER our Team: This year, we are launching an Overture Leadership development initiative to provide continuing education for our staff that will enable them to better train and work with community leaders.

EDUCATE Teachers to improve learning: Training opportunities will be increased this year to equip educators at the community schools being supported by our Diri Lavi! hot lunch program.

Maximize NUTRITION for communities: Overture Agronomist and Social Workers will host a series of collaborative meetings for the farmers in the Community Farm Program so they have the opportunity to develop a planting and harvesting strategy that offers a broad range of crops grown and available to their communities.

Improve HEALTHCARE through prevention: Overture healthcare professionals will continue and expand education and training in our priority communities focused on topics to prevent disease, improve personal care, nutrition, sexual health, etc.

HOUSING is stronger with training: Overture project leaders and other civil engineers from our local communities will provide opportunities to train crew leaders and other construction workers who would like to gain skills and experience. This training will better prepare construction workers so they can work independently and/or quickly respond to disasters in their own communities without having to wait for aid organizations.

Other goals include:

Complete Dome Community Center in Dory which will be used as a center for training community members and safe shelter in times of disaster. Overture will train local community members to equip this center with a: protection agent, healthcare intake worker, and disaster preparedness trainer.

Enhance and expand our after-school activities to increase participation in the program and help children who are struggling academically. This will also help us close the education gaps created by the political unrest.

Ramp up Diri Lavi! with a goal of increasing capacity by packaging 400,000 meals to support 14 school lunch programs across our region.

Continue to offer and expand proactive health screenings (which we began in 2022) for the primary students at ESPWA and to our priority communities in the schools served by our Diri Lavi! hot lunch program.

Complete the building of new homes made possible by the Cross Catholic grant and work to secure additional funding to build more homes across the region we serve.

Lasting change and resilience only comes from within and can only happen when individuals and communities have access to basic infrastructure and services. Every goal of Overture International is designed to move our friends in southern Haiti closer to experiencing the independence and self-reliance they so desperately and persistently seek. That’s why Overture continues to invest in training and equipping these amazing individuals and communities for success, and why we need your continued prayers, encouragement and financial support required to build that infrastructure.

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