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Strength in Community As Coronavirus Cases Rise

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

The partners of Overture International have been at the forefront of Coronavirus response efforts in the Southern Department of Haiti.

We have been sharing some of these critically needed efforts, which have included:

  • Distributing food and hygiene supplies, such as masks and soap, to vulnerable families

  • Broadcasting self-care advice over loudspeakers through vulnerable communities

  • Responding to desperate food needs for youth in detention

  • Participating in radio broadcasts to deliver health care information, dispel myths, and direct communities to resources

  • Distributing handwashing stations to families

Recently, Haiti’s confirmed cases of Coronavirus have soared:

It is believed that this number is actually much higher, but weak testing capabilities and stigma of the virus keeping people from seeking medical care keep the infection rate low.

The virus has reached prisons in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, with 11 of the reported cases from the National Penitentiary. Human rights watchers believe this number to be far higher due to severe overcrowding and inadequate food and medication supplies.

Food insecurity is at a crisis level for families in Haiti. Over half of the population was already at increased risk before the pandemic due to sociopolitical unrest beginning in 2018 resulting in a severe economic decline. With markets and trade routes limited and shelter-in-place policies, even more Haitian families are at severe risk for malnutrition. When most of the population lives hand-to-mouth every day, they do not have the ability to stockpile food and supplies when the country is paralyzed.

Your support is needed to target the most vulnerable families in Haiti.

Partners like ESPWA have made incredible efforts to support families in their communities, but many more families and children are in dire need, especially for food support. Relief services would not be possible without your support!

Strong communities, empowered by strong families,

can overcome this crisis.

Read more of how you can support the efforts in Haiti on our website:

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