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September Reflections

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

EDUCATION is an important part of SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT – that’s why September is so special at Overture International!

We hope you enjoy reading our September Reflections Newsletter and video!

At the beginning of the month we launched our Back-to-School Campaign with a goal of raising $125,000 by October 31, 2020. Your impact? 250 students will receive full scholarships for the 2020-21 school year – which starts in November this year!

Thank you to all of our friends who have already made donations towards this goal! YOU are giving a child an opportunity to go to school this year amidst great odds.

But we still need your help! Whether it’s through scholarships, supplies, or snacks, every dollar contributed to our Education Efforts ensures that our students are given the quality educational opportunities they deserve.

We encourage you not only to make an investment in a child’s education, but also to share this opportunity with your friends and family!

Read more about our Education efforts
Did you miss our Back to School Email? Read it here: Back to school in Haiti!

Family Empowerment Workshops

Empowering parents and caregivers is the best thing we can do for healthy child development!

This month, our social workers launched a series of community workshops for families that have been reunified with their children over the last year.

These workshops cover a series of topics including child protection and rights, parenting skills, healthy habits (especially regarding COVID-19), financial literacy, and more. Workshops and trainings are one of the most important facets of the Family Preservation Program because they equip parents and caregivers with the skills, education, and tools they need to give their children loving, informed care, independent of aid.

Did you know? Education can prevent family separation!

One of the most important messages we shared this month is that access to education prevents family separation.

In Haiti, school is not free whether you attend public or private school. Every child must pay for tuition, in addition to the costs of uniforms, school supplies, and transportation to and from school. This is one reason families relinquish their children to orphanages – not because they don’t want to keep their kids, but because they’ll do anything to give their kids an opportunity for a better life.

But the reality is orphanages do not provide a better life for children in the long term. Staying with their parents and families is what kids need most of all. That’s why it’s critical to fund education for children in Haiti, so that families stay together, preserving the family unit.

Did you miss our email and video about how education preserves families? Read it here: Education a child, Preserve a family!

The importance of extracurricular activities

School is not all about book work! Physical activity and socialization are critical components of healthy child development. At ESPWA, creative arts and vocational training are extended in their After-School Programs.

Click Here to read about our Education Programs.
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Development in communities with housing solutions does more than just provide safe shelter for 4 families this month! It brings jobs to communities in desperate need of economy. Not only will the family benefit, but several local community members will be employed to make up the construction crew so they can gain hands on experience and support their families.

Dome construction continues in Tiburon.

Stay tuned over the next few months to see the impact disaster proof homes will make in this extremely vulnerable area.

This month we introduced you to a few people that make our programs a success!

“My favorite experience as a teacher is to share my knowledge with others. When I started working at ESPWA, I can say that it was in that moment my best experience started. I feel very proud to teach these students. This is the reason that all of the different places that I have been in my life, my best experiences have been at ESPWA!” - Francois

“You are very important to us, especially for me as a direction who knows all the needs of our children in Haiti whose parents have economic difficulties and have no possibility to send their children to school. Some children stay home during the school day because their family cannot afford to send them to school, and there are no opportunities for a scholarship. When we find partners who support scholarships in Haiti, I don’t have enough words to let you know how much that is important for me and how very important it is for our country.” -Lisois Brevil, Principal of Primary and Kindergarten at ESPWA

On September 25th we wished a very happy birthday to Odette! Odette works in the guest house at ESPWA. At an amazing 88 years old, she still walks to work every day. We are grateful for her strong hands and strong spirit that reminds us of the power of strong women. Bon fet, Odette!

Daily prayer is important to all of us at Overture International and ESPWA!

  • Morning prayer sets the tone of our day

  • We make better decisions when we pray first

  • Daily prayers humbly reminds us that God is in control

  • Our commitment to daily prayer shows our love for God

  • We believe that God answers our prayers

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Upcoming Information Sessions

Do you want to learn more about why we’ve transitioned ESPWA from an orphanage to a child development and family strengthening center?

We’re hosting three virtual info-sessions in October! Click to learn more and sign up.

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