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Overture International welcomes new partner

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Overture International welcomes a new child development and family strengthening partner, Pwoje Espwa Sud (Creole for "Project Hope South") into our network.

Espwa is a fully indigenous faith-based local child development organization based in

Les Cayes, Haiti. They provide comprehensive child development services for vulnerable families as a healthier alternative to the traditional Haitian orphanage (most "orphans" in Haiti are social and not biological orphans). They currently serve approximately 1,500 children and family members. ​


To provide a broader range of services needed

for healthy child development, Espwa has partnered with Overture International


Espwa was founded in 1998 as a traditional orphanage, but in recent years evolved from an orphanage to a child development center– to make every attempt to keep children in the most natural and supportive environment possible – the family. Overture’s leadership team has been affiliated with Espwa for many years and was involved with the strategic plan guiding the programmatic transformation. Espwa’s focus on family strengthening aligns well with Overture’s strategies in the area of Social Development and will empower our capacity to serve families.

Most of Espwa’s residential children have been reunified with their families and the rest are returning home by summer. Programs, such as education, life skills, vocations and young adult transitioning, have expanded to serve more in surrounding communities. They have also added family strengthening programs to train families in parenting, child protection, literacy, child development, etc.

Espwa’s leadership team realize that reunification and family strengthening are only a start – families will need support from Espwa AND other community services to succeed. Such services are under-developed in Haiti, so sustainable community development is vital. To provide a broader range of services needed for healthy child development, Espwa has partnered with Overture International since we specialize in sustainable community development.

Espwa’s quality child development programs in the Les Cayes area will be combined with other programs supported by Overture. This synergistic approach will combine Social Development, Community Sustainability and Economic Empowerment to provide a more comprehensive self-help approach for families to break the cycle of poverty and aid dependence.

It is an exciting new day for Overture and Espwa, and we

invite you to continue your support of vulnerable children!

Read more about Espwa's "One Family - One Hope" Strategy

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