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October Reflections

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

EDUCATION provides a child the opportunity to go to school AND stay securely with their family!

We hope you enjoy reading our October Reflections Newsletter and back-to-school video!


Throughout October, we continued sharing stories of triumph and hope from our ESPWA students and community as they prepared for a new school year! But scholarships to children don’t just provide the chance for a great education – they provide so much more.

This month we shined a spotlight on one of our students, Frankel.

“The importance of school is really big for me. I have a good teacher and sometimes when I have some difficulty understanding, she spends a lot of time with me to help me – she is very patient with me.” - Frankel


ESPWA’s After school program enables students to reach their highest potential, build confidence and dream big. Life skills and vocational enrichment activities include job exploration and professional development through in-house experiences and internships with key partners.


Did you miss October's Back to School Emails? Check them out here:



In October, we introduced you to Gaspard. Gaspard works in plumbing at ESPWA and also actively seeks to give back to students participating in our after school program. Just like he was able to find a good job to provide for his family, he wants to pass on his skills to the younger generation.

“This profession can help a lot of young kids to grow up their life for a good future. I see we have a mission to help people – I choose to do something like that to help others.”


WORLD FOOD DAY was a great way to share about our school lunch program...

More than 1,600 students participate in our school lunch program, which provides a daily, hot, nutritious meal – oftentimes their only hot meal of the day. By providing after school support, vocational training and healthy food, we’re able to serve our students on multiple levels!


This month, we also shared a bit more about Camp Perrin, a rural, remote town located in the mountains outside of Les Cayes.

We are committed to providing opportunities for education even in the most rural areas, and so ESPWA now has a school in Camp Perrin with 300+ students enrolled, grades K-9! All of the students at Camp Perrin School receive hot, nutritious meals every day and many of them are on reduced tuition or scholarship rates, giving them the chance to attend a quality school – some for the very first time.



In October, we hosted three information sessions about why we’ve transitioned ESPWA from an orphanage to a Child Development Center. The majority of Haitian children living in orphanages are actually not parentless. Most have at least one living parent or family member willing and capable of caring for them if only they had access to resources and support. Sadly, the financial stresses of providing food and an education often leads parents to relinquish their children to an orphanage in hopes of a better opportunity for their kids. But this is never the reality and orphanages are not the answer. The answer is in preserving and strengthening the family unit, which is why Overture is serving more children, families and communities than ever before! Learn more how we are empowering families next month.



We know our students have a better chance at academic success when they don’t have to choose between receiving a good education and being able to live at home with their families. That’s why through our Family Preservation Program, we sponsor more than 300 students, allowing them to attend school in their own community!

We believe that when a child feels supported by teachers in school AND parents or caregivers at home, their confidence soars and has a positive effect on their academic growth.


A Special THANK YOU to an awesome group of supporters in Minnesota for hosting a Fall Fundraiser in October that has provided a new home to a family in desperate need!

This is the 11th house that our MN group has funded in less than 3 years. This means that 11 families have their children back home under the same roof. In addition to the families being reunited, they also receive additional support they need which could be trade training, agriculture training, parenting education, a few livestock to get started, and money management classes. Every house built provides more than a home for a family. Skilled workers in the community are hired and paid fair wages to build every house and the materials are bought from local Haitian businesses. 

We love seeing our supporters creatively find ways to bring even more people into the mission. Overture International and ESPWA thanks you!

Stay tuned in to our Facebook or Instagram pages for more updates!

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