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ESPWA: June Reflections

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

June started off with a very exciting announcement – Overture International has assumed stewardship of ESPWA! We are grateful for the partnership with an organization that shares our belief that children develop best and thrive in safe, stable, and nurturing families. Did you miss it? Read more here!

The COVID pandemic continued to present challenges this month as cases began to rise

across Haiti. ESPWA staff and social workers were busy with phone check-ins with the families in the Family Preservation program (including fulfilling their support plans), as well as participating in distributions of food and hygiene supplies and educational broadcasts within communities alongside OI partners. Nurses accompanied them, talking directly with community members and distributing flyers with information on the coronavirus, safe hygiene practices, and information on where to find help.

Students finished out the school year watching video lessons compiled by their teachers and distributed through Whatsapp, completing at-home assignments, and never giving up hope. While it was not the ideal way to end the school year, the 1,500 students that attend school at ESPWA continue to make their education their number one priority. We are so proud of all they have accomplished in the face of adversity!

Despite the pandemic, the month was not lacking in FUN for the children living on campus! Their days were brimming with songs being sung, crafts being created, and balls being bounced. If the sun was too hot for running around, children were often found in intense games of cards and dominoes.

Staff also brought the FUN to education. In ongoing meetings about the importance of hygiene practices and self-care, children created and performed skits sharing information about Coronavirus and ways to protect yourself and those around you. Play is one of the best ways for children to explore, learn, and understand new things. (In such a stressful time, our staff enjoyed the benefits of play, too!)

A few families moved into their brand new homes this month! Having a safe, stable physical environment is critical for healthy child development and one of the most important building blocks for a self-sufficient family. We were so happy to pass the keys from a loving hand to a loving hand!

Watch the video below to catch some of the highlights from this month!

Stay tuned!!

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