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Ending the Year HAITI STRONG

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Hope for today. Promise for tomorrow.

Haiti is only as strong as its children, families and communities. In the U.S., we’re blessed to have families, churches, communities, social services and government safety nets to help us make it through hard times. That support system simply does not exist in Haiti. Families in crisis cannot rely on government assistance, unemployment benefits or social services. That’s where the faith, hope and love of supporters like you make a huge impact.

Throughout November and December, we shared stories of strength and hope that your generosity is making possible in Haiti. We invited you deeper into the work so we can start 2021 strong. And you showed up for us. Here are some highlights from our end-of-year campaign!

Together, we’ll provide hope for today and promise for tomorrow. Together, we’ll make Haiti Strong.

Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday, you blew us away! Thanks to a generous match and your contributions, we raised more than $27,000 on December 1 – double our goal! These gifts are the reason we’re able to support women like Solange…

Family Spotlight: Solange

Solange is a hard-working, single mother and grandmother living in a community near ESPWA. She has two daughters who live with her, and together they have seven children under the age of 12.

They live in a one-room, ram-shackled house that is not structurally sound and has a roof that leaks when it rains. Oftentimes, there is not enough food for each to have one meal per day. In addition to all of these challenges, Solange and her daughters are illiterate. But because of your commitment to making Haiti Strong, these young children will be able to attend school and have a chance of breaking free from the generational poverty that’s been part of their family for so long.

This is what it means to strengthen children, families and communities!

Read more about Solange in our e-newsletter, November 24, 2020

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs: Roylder

20-year-old Roylder is a young entrepreneur who lives at ESPWA. Roylder has a fragile medical condition and because of this, he hasn’t been able to reunite with his family. He continues to find a home at ESPWA, where we’re able to monitor his diet and medical care.

Roylder faithfully attends school and will complete his education in the next two years. He stays active by sharing his talents teaching the children macramé in our after school program – one of their favorite activities! He also designs beautiful creations (including shoes!) that he hopes to sell and create a business from one day.

Read more about Roylder in our e-newsletter, December 28, 2020

Your Impact…Their Strength

A Few 2020 Testimonials

“I don’t have enough words to say about how happy I am to have the opportunity of education. This big opportunity of education will make my dreams come true!”

– Rebecca, age 18, scholarship recipient and Young Adult Empowerment Program participant

"We love the house so much that we make sure it always stays clean and beautiful!"

– Olivier family, recipients of a new home after Hurricane Matthew destroyed theirs

Read more about the Olivier family in our e-newsletter, December 3, 2020

"Even if our situation is not good, her presence at our side allows us to follow her habits and her development. She's a little girl and there's a way to raise a little girl. Lovemaille is an affectionate and enjoyable child."

– Lovemaille’s mother, reunited with her daughter through our Family Preservation Program

Read more about Lovemaille in our e-newsletter, December 22, 2020


Rebecca, Lovemaille and the Olivier family are stronger because of you. Overture International and ESPWA are stronger because of you. Haiti is stronger because of you. Between November 1 and December 31, you helped us raise funds to start 2021 stronger than ever before. With these funds, we’ll be able to build safe homes, reunite families, provide scholarships to children, empower young adults and more in 2021. Thank you so much for your generosity. Thank you for making Haiti Strong.

We invite you to follow along with us in 2021 so you can continue to see the impact your commitment to this work is having!

Happy New Year!

“...And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

Stay tuned in to our Facebook or Instagram pages for more updates!

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