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Back to School Student Spotlight

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Meet Frankel, a 16 year old student at ESPWA.

Each day Frankel helps his parents who are local rice farmers in a community near ESPWA. During times of limited rainfall, there are no crops to economically support the family. They live in a small, one-room shelter made out of sheet metal. This is what they call home. In the plot just beyond their home lies an outdoor latrine. Frankel and his family have no access to electricity, so they use candles and small incandescent lamps when the sun sets.

In May 2020, Overture completed the construction of a new home for Frankel and his family.

Now, a weight has been lifted and Frankel can finally turn his attention on going back to school! The school opening is the biggest highlight in his life right now. Him and his parents feel overjoyed that he is starting 6th grade for the 20/21 year.

Frankel’s favorite part of school is being together with all of his classmates and learning from his teachers. He enjoys studying French and mathematics.

When asked what job he wanted after he finished school, Frankel said, “I would like to work as an engineer or on windows.” With his tenacity and determination, we believe that he will achieve his dreams!

“The importance of school is really big for me. I have a good teacher and sometimes when I have some difficulty understanding, she spends a lot of time with me to help me – she is very patient with me.” - Frankel

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