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A Family Restored Because of YOU

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Seeing Your Impact in Action:

Meet the Jn Claude Family!

Imagine living in a one-room hut with tin scraps for your walls and a shredded tarp for your roof. Providing even one meal a day for your family of nine is daunting enough - a nearly impossible task that requires all of your time and energy. Then imagine, with every storm, watching as the rain hopelessly drenches your children and your possessions. An impossible situation and an endless cycle.

This was the reality for the Jn Claude Family of nine before Overture and ESPWA entered the picture, providing services that ultimately resulted in the family's ability to focus on increasing their income and meeting their own needs without aid.

Overture empowered the surrounding community

by collaborating with local leadership and hiring local crews

to build the Jn Claude's new home.

ESPWA provided education and farming support

to supplement family nutrition, along with family counseling

and economic training, mentoring to build income potential.

Preserving families like the Jn Claude family would not be possible without the generous support of our partners - like you. As we look forward to a new chapter in our partnership with ESPWA and with all of you, we're realizing the sky's the limit!

That's why we're broadening ESPWA's child development offerings to include family services and community and economic development initiatives as well. Because in order for a child to really thrive, they need quality education and a loving family, paired with a sustainable community and an independent economy to become self-sufficient to meet their own needs.

Where there is an economy, children can envision a future - and when a child can see true promise, they become motivated and driven to reach their goals.

This is our dream for Southern Haiti!

We're ready to see strong communities,

empowered by strong families,

overcome poverty with their

own power, skills, and determination.


Together, we're in a position to create a more robust social-economic ecosystem for Southern Haiti's most vulnerable. Together, we're empowering the boots on the ground to ensure these children have every opportunity for a successful future.

Together, we're making a greater collective impact!

A little more about us...

A few weeks back, we introduced you to our powerhouse team and shared some fun facts about our organization! Today, we want to dive deeper into the strategies that guide our work on a daily basis.


We focus on the highest risk families and communities

who are ready to solve their own challenges


We guide impoverished families and communities in

assessing their own problems, identifying their own resources,

and developing their own solutions.


We build all projects on the best practices of sustainability,

leading to the overall goal of breaking the cycle of poverty

and aid dependence.


We purchase local resources and hire locally whenever possible.


We seek partners with mutual goals to create synergy

in helping families and communities meet their goals.

Want to read more encouraging testimonials, like the story of the Jn Claude family? Want to get regular updates on the work that your partnership is making possible?

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