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Haiti Promise! The Power in Partnerships

May 1, 2024 E-Newsletter

In mid-April, we launch this year’s Haiti Promise campaign to invest in Fostering Futures with our friends in southern Haiti, we’re reminded of how you have so faithfully invested in Overture so we can continue to fulfill our Haiti Promise. Thank you for your generosity, your prayers, and your continued interest and encouragement as we work in the face of some of the most challenging times the Haitian people have experienced! 

Amidst this ongoing humanitarian crisis in Haiti, our Haiti Promise remains unwavering. We are committed to safeguarding vulnerable children and their families. Your participation in this mission isn't just a donation; it's a catalyst for lasting change.


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Whether it is supporting the foundational work of creating a foster care system or investing in the Diri Lavi! food packaging program, your continued generosity is fueling the transformation of a region that many have abandoned. But together, we remain steadfast. We’ve made our Haiti Promise - our commitment (or recommitment) to a long-term, sustainable investment in the people of southern Haiti so they can ultimately put into action the essentials necessary to building thriving communities of self-reliance and independence. Thank you for your commitment to Overture and to our friends in southern Haiti! 


Haiti Promise! - The Power of Partnerships

As an Overture friend and supporter, you know just how challenging it is to serve in southern Haiti. As hard as it is, it would be nearly impossible to make the impact we’re able to make without our Overture Partners, who have made their own Haiti Promise.


One of our faithful and committed partners is Midwest Food Bank (MFB). MFB has committed to providing the vitamins and protein packs for Overture’s Diri Lavi! food packaging program.


As you may know, Diri Lavi! meals use rice and beans sourced from local farmers and are enhanced with the vitamins and protein provided by MFB. This combination gives the best possible nutritional outcome for children and families in food insecurity situations. They have continued their commitment through the current crisis to ensure we’re able to continue operating Diri Lavi!, which provides thousands of nutritious meals to hundreds of children and families each month and jobs for community members. 

Because gangs control the ports and transportation routes in Haiti, MFB and Overture wouldn’t be able to import the vitamin/protein packs without the commitment of another critical partner, Agape Flights.


Since February of this year, Agape has faithfully used every opportunity to fly to Haiti to bring in critical supplies, including boxes with MFB packs on their flights. They’re fulfilling their Haiti Promise at great personal risk to life and property! 


Without MFB and Agape’s assistance, we would be unable to operate Diri Lavi! at our needed capacity.  And, with food insecurity at a critical rate across Haiti due to the gangs controlling the ports and roads, our partners enable us to be a lifeline to the children in our crisis care and family preservation program.


But their contributions are just part of the equation. To complete the Diri Lavi! packaging process, Overture must purchase the rice and beans from local farmers. In addition to providing the primary ingredients for the packages, this provides a financial lifeline to farmers and their families. That’s why we’re inviting you to partner with us by making or renewing your Haiti Promise today and helping us raise $30,000 to package 100,000 meals.

Your $100 monthly commitment will enable our friends in southern Haiti to package and provide 330 meals each month for their community members in crisis. That’s just $3.33 per day (less than a cup of coffee for many of us) to ensure we’re able to continue fulfilling our Haiti Promise to the amazing and strong Haitians we care for so deeply.


There is power in partnerships! There is power in our Haiti Promise! 

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