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Meet Djeunica

We’d like to share just one family’s journey of transformation that was only possible with your

support. The Dorescar family lives in one of the communities served by Overture. Their five year-old daughter, Djeunica, had a physical deformity that caused significant chronic pain and illness that prevented her from attending school and living a productive life. The family worked odd jobs like washing clothes and collecting coal to raise money to pay for medical care, but it wasn’t enough. But because YOU and Overture were there, Djeunica and her family were able to gain access to surgery that fixed her deformity, ended her pain and allowed her to return to school and normal activities with her family and friends.

Her father was overcome with gratitude, telling Overture team members, “Because of her illness, Djeunica rarely smiled and never played with the other children in the area. At one point, we wanted to collect money from the neighborhood to see a doctor, but we weren’t successful. When Overture learned about our issue and offered to help us, we were so relieved. Our daughter was fully taken care of and underwent a successful surgery. Today, Djeunica is smiling again. She has no more pain, has returned to school, and has even gained weight. The only thing we can say is Thank You!”

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