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Meet Patricio

In November of 2021, Patricio was abandoned outside a Center known for caring for those with special needs. The Center could not take him in, but his mother left him anyway. He sat alone with no food, water or sleep for days.

Overture was contacted and immediately brought Patricio to our ESPWA clinic where he received immediate medical attention. His doctors confirmed that he not only suffers from multiple physical disabilities, but he cannot walk or speak, and he was severely malnourished.

As Patricio’s health stabilized, our team identified foster care as his best option, and within days, by God’s grace, we found Maculé, a 41-year-old mother of four and wife of a disabled husband. Despite her limited income, Maculé didn’t hesitate to show Patricio God’s love firsthand by welcoming him into her family with open arms.

The road ahead for Patricio is long. Maculé will need extensive support to provide the best possible care to Patricio, her other children and her disabled husband. And Overture will be by her side every step of the way because we’re committed for the long haul. We will offer her a wide variety of support through our proven Social Support Model and we are confident God will provide the resources needed.

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