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Your HAITI LOVE Matters!

February 15, 2024 E-Newsletter

February is a month when we celebrate our love for others. We want to take the opportunity to share our love - our Haiti Love - for you and all you do for Overture and our friends in southern Haiti. The love you show us through your prayers, encouragement and financial support is priceless. We couldn’t do what we do without you! And the children, families, and communities we serve are making huge strides in their journey toward self-reliance because of you! As we like to do with each opportunity we have, we say Thank You! 

Feel the HAITI LOVE!

One thing we truly love and value is family. As we celebrate Haiti Love this month, we’re focused on building a thriving foster care system in southern Haiti for the tens of thousands of children caught up in the Haitian orphanage system and/or other dire circumstances, and YOU are helping us do this! There is a critical need for foster families in southern Haiti to provide safe, stable homes, and currently, the foster care system in southern Haiti is starting to blossom. Overture, in partnership with IBESR (Haiti’s child welfare agency), is leading the way in helping this system take root to end the orphanage system and provide alternatives for vulnerable children.

Over the past months, our Overture social workers and support teams have been working to identify, qualify and train foster families to provide placements for children from an orphanage that sought Overture’s help to transition the children under their care out of the orphanage. And in recent weeks, we’ve been blessed to connect more than seven children with their biological families and are making great progress toward finding safe, protective homes the remaining children that need loving foster families. We’ve created fun events where the children and families can interact and get to know each other, building natural attachments and discovering a mutual match for both. The Haiti Love has been flowing between these amazing children and families! 

Meet six-year-old Jameson - one of the children who is transitioning from the orphanage to foster care. He met his foster mother, Nancy, and they both quickly felt the Haiti Love as they bonded and began their new life together. Overture will continue to support them through the implementation of our Social Support Model, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

We ask you to pray intentionally for Jameson, Nancy, and the other children and foster families who are beginning their new lives together - that the transition would be seamless and divinely orchestrated for all involved. And we’ll certainly keep you posted on our progress as we continue to work to develop a vibrant foster care system in southern Haiti. 

Empowered families protect children and build stronger communities

- that’s HAITI LOVE in action! 

Important Reads:

Gain a better understanding of the harms caused by the orphanage system in Haiti and our efforts to end it.

Learn more about what we hope to accomplish in 2024 with your continued prayers and generosity!

Thank you for reading and God Bless you!

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