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Putting Family First in Haiti

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

November 1, 2023

We’re excited and hopeful as we launch our Overture 2023 end-of-year appeal - Family First, Haiti Stronger! We’re so grateful for your past interest and support in our work to equip and empower our friends in southern Haiti to move from dependence to self-reliance through their own hard work and the implementation of our Overture Social Support Model. Our work has always focused on protecting children, strengthening the family, and building community, which we have seen results in building Haiti Stronger.

Your past support has made a significant impact, and we hope you will continue reading here, keep an eye out for our mailing (which you should be receiving very shortly), and prayerfully consider joining us in putting Family First to build Haiti Stronger! 

Thank you and God bless you!

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