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Haiti Love 2024 = Fostering Love

February 1, 2024

It’s that time of year again to thank you, our supporters, for ALL the Haiti Love you’ve so faithfully and generously showered upon us in 2023!! You continue to bless Overture and empower our friends in southern Haiti with the prayers, encouragement, and financial resources they require to move closer to the independence and self-reliance God desires for all of us.

YOUR Haiti Love has made a tremendous impact over the last year, and it's more important today than ever. Thank you for trusting us and them with your time and your treasure! Together (with God’s amazing grace and guidance) we are truly changing the trajectory of thousands of lives that once had no hope or promise for a better future. That’s Haiti Love in action! As we enter 2024, we’re inviting you to continue to join us as we show Haiti Love by focusing on building a vibrant foster care system in the communities we serve. 

Just as a reminder, here’s how we define Haiti Love. 

With this definition in mind, we remain committed to these promises, and through your loyal support, you’ve proven to us that you are, too! So, what can Haiti Love look like in 2024?  We’re focusing our Haiti Love on fostering love by building a thriving foster care system in southern Haiti for the thousands of children in the Haitian orphanage system and other harmful environments that have separated them from their families, and YOU are helping us do this. 

There is a critical need for foster families in southern Haiti to provide safe, stable homes for these children. And currently, the foster care system in southern Haiti is in its infancy stage. Overture, in partnership with IBESR (Haiti’s child welfare agency), is leading the way in broadening the foster care system to help end the use of orphanages and provide alternatives for vulnerable children. That’s how Haiti Love is taking hold in southern Haiti! 

Thanks to your generous support in 2023, we’ve made laudable progress in expanding the foster care system in southern Haiti. This includes beginning the search for foster families for the more than 60 children from orphanages who have asked for our help in finding children a safe, loving home. Thus far, Overture, in partnership with IBESR, has identified 53 families to begin the assessment process to ensure they are qualified to become foster parents. We invite you to show your Haiti Love by praying that this process is thorough, rapid, and successful, as we truly needed these families YESTERDAY! We will keep you updated on the progress of this important foster family initiative throughout our Haiti Love initiative in the coming weeks. 

Haiti Love Reunites Seven Children With Their Families!

We have some exciting news to share with you this week - we're thrilled to announce that seven children from one of the orphanages we’ve agreed to assist in transitioning have been reunited with their families! After months of assessments, training, counseling, and psychosocial activities, these children are now back home where they belong. This is another great example of what Haiti Love looks like in action. 

As an Overture supporter, you know we are deeply committed to ending the harmful orphanage system in Haiti and facilitating family reunification. We've been working closely with these orphanages and IBESR to facilitate the reunification process as part of our wider commitment to ending the use of orphanages in Haiti, and we could not be more thrilled to see tangible progress being made in this direction. This recent success brings us one step closer to achieving that goal. We're so proud of the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the commitment of the orphanages we're working with to show Haiti Love by putting the well-being of the children first. 

We encourage everyone to read our 'Orphanages are NOT the Answer' series to gain a better understanding of the harms caused by the orphanage system in Haiti and our efforts to end it.

2024 Goals - The Progress Continues!

As amazing as 2023 was, our plans for 2024 are just as bold. You can learn more about what, with your continued prayers and generosity, we hope to accomplish across our Overture Social Support Model Five Pillars (Empowerment, Education, Nutrition, Healthcare, Infrastructure (formerly Housing) in our latest blog post.

We’re excited, and we hope you will be too, by the hope and promise that come with continuing to protect children, strengthen families, and build Haitian communities stronger. 

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