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Haiti in Crisis: Important Update

March 8, 2024 E-Newsletter

As you may have seen in recent news reports, Haiti is currently in the midst of a major crisis, as politically motivated rebels (gangs) battle for power and control of the country’s ports, transportation and infrastructure. The leadership in the country is proving ineffective, and there is no organized plan for international intervention that is coming to fruition. While this type of unrest is not new to Haiti, in this case, the rebels have formed an alliance that is proving to be a powerful destructive force in destabilizing the country and creating considerable damage and loss of life. 

While the situation in southern Haiti, where Overture serves, is not as severe as in Port-au-Prince and the surrounding region, however, it is still experiencing residual impact. Community markets are fragile and often closed because supply chains are broken, and the region has become isolated because because all air travel is suspended, and the roads are unsafe for travel, creating a logistical gridlock. In short, we’re facing significant challenges that make our work and our friends' lives in southern Haiti more difficult every day. More difficult, but not impossible.

Standing Strong on Our Promises

In the face of this chaos, Overture International remains committed to the critical work of empowering those most vulnerable. That’s what we mean when we talk about our Haiti Promise. Because our team is on the ground in Haiti and doesn’t rely on outside aid for our daily needs, we’re able to continue operating to protect children, equip families, and empower communities. 

In the past week alone, as chaos reigned across the country, we responded to a crisis closure of an orphanage, providing urgent, critical care for more than 50 children. Rescuing them from dire circumstances and reuniting more than 30 of them with their families and providing safe, temporary housing, food and other care for the remaining children. And because of the violence and tightening grip of the gangs, we expect more orphanages to close, putting hundreds of children at great risk. Our partnership with IBESR (Haiti’s child welfare agency) means we’re a first responder to assist in reuniting and caring for the children impacted by these closures or children separated from their families by other means such as abandonment. We’re honored to play this role, but with it comes a great responsibility and considerable cost. 

Despite the crisis, Overture's teams and communities retain hope and envision a future that is built on peace and self-reliance. A future where children are protected and well cared for. A future with access to education for all, strong leaders guiding the community, and independence and self-reliance is more than just a dream. Because of the progress we’ve seen in the last few years, these communities have the potential to be a catalyst for change beyond their boundaries. To possibly change the trajectory of Haiti. Overture remains committed to being an agent of change in this country gripped by chaos, violence, and darkness. 

Join Us in Fulfilling Our Haiti Promise

Even in the midst of the struggle, there is hope. There are ways you too can be an agent of change. Here are a few ways you can join us in fulfilling our Haiti Promise:


Haiti needs everyone's prayers as it navigates these challenging times under siege. Please keep our teams and the families of Haiti in your prayers for protection and provisions.


Stay updated through news sources and Overture updates to understand the evolving situation.


On Monday, March 11th, from 7-8:30 PM EST, join a virtual prayer and Q&A session led by Enel and Lisa. No registration is required; simply save the link and join to gain insights into the current situation, Overture’s response, and the challenges we are addressing.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 899 3132 8169

Passcode: 353225


If you can't attend, email us at for the recording link. Additionally, stay tuned for future sessions in the coming weeks.

Haiti is facing a monumental crisis, but crises also bring opportunities for positive change. Orphanages are closing, and there is potential for reform. Your support and prayers are invaluable during these tumultuous times.

Thank you for standing with us and our friends in southern Haiti. Together we can truly stand against the enemy and be the light of Jesus in a very dark place.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

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