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Community Development Builds Economy and Strong Families

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Last week, I had the opportunity to spend a few day in Tiburon on our project site watching an awesome group of men work to complete our first 20' Dome Home for the community project. The team has completed the 32' Relief Aid Dome which is serving to store equipment and materials for the project.

Before I post the pictures from these 3 days of the progress and how the team demonstrates our slogan "We Find Solutions", I want to share my experience in visiting the community nearest the site that will be the beneficiaries of this project.

Families in Tapion (a community in Tiburon) are hardworking at farming and fishing to provide food resources for the community. Unfortunately, this under-developed community is extremely vulnerable because of the lack of economic development, difficult transportation, access to education, medical care, and the ability to produce or access resources to withstand period of natural disasters. Many of the children do not attend school because of the distance that they must travel by foot.

Our hearts have been committed to Tiburon since Hurricane Matthew. Everywhere you go in the South Department of Haiti, families are still struggling to survive. Their struggles were difficult before the storm and many still live with the effects of the devastation. The opportunities of economy and signs of progress are less and less as you head south of Les Cayes.

Our practical community development project is focused on resilient dome housing that will withstand hurricane and earthquakes. This project also includes a Relief Aid depot to store food and supplies for the Tiburon areas during periods of a natural disaster. A community center will be built to provide education, community events, and safe shelter to those that remain in unstable shelters.

We need your help to continue building homes for families in Tiburon and other communities throughout the South Department of Haiti!

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