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Meet Junie

Junie, a single, impoverished mother of three from Kodio, Torbeck, refuses to accept things as they are. Instead, she’s hoping that one day she’ll be able to provide stability and opportunity for her children and their future families.

One of 14 children with no formal education — often a reality of generational poverty — Junie does everything she can to make ends meet by selling soft drinks. But even on her best days, she’s only able to provide one meal per day and partial school tuition for her children. And then her family’s situation worsened on August 14, 2021, when the devastating earthquake destroyed her home, forcing them to move in with her mother. Though weary and defeated, Junie never lost hope.

Fortunately, within days of the earthquake, she was introduced to Overture. We’ve since had the privilege of building Junie a brand new, disaster-resilient home so she and her family can remain unified. And Junie was heavily involved in the process, helping to lay the foundation and cooking meals for all our workers. She never missed a day of sharing her gratitude with our team.

Junie’s new home has blessed her family immensely and has provided hope to others in her community trapped by generational poverty.

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