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Building a Home for


Over the last five years, we've built and gifted roughly 110 traditional homes for families in crisis who are living in the communities we serve. The positive impact it's having on these individual families and their communities at large is next to none.


new homes built or in process in 19 communities


family members provided with new houses


jobs provided through new housing projects


Our Focus Areas


Building Safe, Secure Housing

These homes can house up to 10 people and they often become the go-to home in communities for gatherings and safety. Made for all geographic areas, our traditional homes are disaster-resilient and can withstand up to a category 3 hurricane. Each home costs only $7,500 to build and consist of: - 500 total square feet - block wall construction - wood frame, tin roof - concrete flooring  - rebar structural reinforcements - secure metal doors and windows - toilet and septic tank options


Feeding the Local Economy

Every new home that our communities build, leads to a working community which ultimately strengthens the local economy. We empower the surrounding community by collaborating with local leadership, purchasing supplies locally and hiring community members to build the new homes. And through the process, local crew members are able to support their families and gain hands-on experience that gives them skills toward gaining future employment.


Preserving Families

Did you know a primary reason Haitian children are separated from their families is because of extreme poverty? For most families, it starts with their inability to provide food and adequate shelter. Overture’s work to build homes in the regions we serve not only builds stronger physical infrastructure, it also builds stronger social infrastructure by strengthening families and communities. This powerful combination of stronger physical and social infrastructure is a critical piece of keeping families together, ending generational poverty and moving toward independence and self-sufficiency.

Lives Transformed by Housing

See Housing in Action

Watch one of our house builds come to life from start to finish!

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