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In this Season of Giving, your investment will strengthen families and communities and ultimately, build Haiti Stronger!




In Haiti, families and communities are facing challenges like they’ve never seen before.  The turmoil of violence, inability to work, shutdowns creates an uncertain future. That’s why for Overture, preserving and strengthening these families is our top priority!

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When you invest in Overture, you’re investing in building up families and communities so they can ultimately experience the freedom of independence and self-sufficiency for which they’ve longed for generations. The freedom that comes with building Haiti Stronger!

The Path to Haiti Stronger


Our Overture Social Support Model is intentionally built to preserve the family unit by focusing on the 5 Pillars - Empowerment, Education, Nutrition, Housing, Healthcare - we’re ensuring that essential services are available to support families directly, especially those who have been reunified. Because strong families build strong communities which ultimately build Haiti Stronger!

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Learn more about our Social Support Model and how it enables us to take  significant step toward building Haiti Stronger in this year's Giving Booklet.

YOU can make a difference today by investing in one of the critical programs highlighted in each of the 5 Pillars.  These programs equip families and communities to not only overcome their current challenges, but builds Haiti Stronger for long-term success. 


We invite you to prayerfully consider committing to one of these programs.



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Young Adult Empowerment Program:  The importance of social empowerment has been brought into clear view with the recent increase in gang violence in Haiti due to shortages and political unrest.  It reminds us just how important it is to have viable alternatives for young adults to avoid turning to gangs for their identity and income.  That's why we're continuing to invest in our Young Adult Empowerment Program that equips these youth through education, training and social support.  When we change the trajectory of the lives of these young men and women, they are able to play a significant role in strengthening their families and communities, rather than being part of their deterioration.  They become a force for building Haiti Stronger!

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School Scholarships:  As we share with you often, Education Means Life in Haiti! It is the most critical component of equipping the next generation of Haitians to move from dependence to self-sufficiency. And education is at the core of strengthening children, their families and their communities. That’s why we invest so much of our energy and communications inviting our supporters to invest in scholarships for the children in the communities we serve. And as this need is a consistent one, we’re inviting you to continue to invest in the futures of these children through this end of year campaign. These children are the ones who are truly going to be the next generation that builds Haiti Stronger!



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We’re launching the Diri Lavi! food packaging program that will create opportunities for employment, increased access to nutrition, opportunities for economic development through local farming and jobs and is a model for other communities to replicate. Diri Lavi! is Haitian Creole for Rice for Life! That’s how critical this staple is in these communities. Community members are excited about this new initiative which they see as an opportunity for themselves, their families and their communities to change the trajectory of their future - being less dependent on foreign aid. It can truly be a transformational project in helping build Haiti Stronger!

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Through last year’s earthquake  and other disasters, we’ve seen just how effective our Overture-designed and built homes are for those families who had them. Almost all of our homes survived with NO damage, with just a handful sustaining non-structural damage. It really has been a “concrete” example of what it means to build Haiti Stronger one family at a time!  And because Overture builds these homes by training LOCAL community members, we create economic stimulus that creates income for families and builds communities. This local approach builds a sense of pride and ownership within the community, and as we’ve seen in recent months when community members are equipped with the ability to work and access resources to meet their basic needs, they are motivated to protect their communities!

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ESPWA clinic and Mobile Clinics: Access to reliable, consistent healthcare (physical and mental) is unattainable for most Haitians. Due to the recent unrest and violence, many of the clinics and other medical resources in Haiti are unable to operate because of the violence or essential supply shortages, such as fuel. While we’ve strived to continue operating our ESPWA Clinic and our Mobile Clinics, taking the Overture approach of equipping and training local teams of professionals, the cost of fuel has doubled and we’ve had to increase security measures making these clinics even more expensive to operate. One of our most challenging needs for our Mobile Clinic to actually be mobile is our ability to obtain reliable, rugged vehicles and to maintain the extreme wear and tear they endure as our teams navigate on rough and unkempt roads to communities.  For ordinary vehicles, these roads would be impassable.  Healthy community members and families are better equipped to build Haiti Stronger!


Giving Tuesday is on November 29, 2022, and it will be here before we know it! On this global day of giving, we hope you’ll join us in ensuring our friends in southern Haiti have access to nutritious meals, especially in light of the current disruptions in the larger food supply chain.


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For the price of one average Thanksgiving family dinner (just $50), you can enable Overture to provide 100 MEALS through our transformational Diri Lavi! project that is ultimately building Haiti Stronger!


Your support is critical and it's transforming lives. 

Join us as we continue to empower the most vulnerable towards independence and self-sufficiency!

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